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Established on August 22, 2011 by Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Ohtsuka.

Trigger is known for its use of an eccentric tone and fast-paced visuals.


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Hi everyone!! thanks for inviting

05 giorno/i fabroken-Toyboxbroken-Toybox
Hi there, thanks for the invite! :3
I do wonder how I've been found out though. X3
05 giorno/i faLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Thanks for inviting! 8D
11 mese/i facocosolecocosole
Thanks for the invite! ^w^)~
11 mese/i faMNZ612MNZ612
Thanks for the invite! (How did you know I like Trigger though)
12 mese/i fablonde_1blonde_1
Thanks for the invite! ;)
12 mese/i famaxwellmaxwell
thanks for the invite!! i haven't had the time to catch up on little witch academia, but i'm a huuuuuuuge fan of the character designer of that show, yoh yoshinari, as evidenced by all the panty and stocking trash i bought in june.
13 mese/i fasecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Hey! Thanks for the invitation! I haven't seen every Trigger anime yet, but I'm a huge fan of what I've watched so far.

I've recently watched Kiznaiver and, even though I felt it had more potential, I completely loved the visuals. Trigger did a remarkable job animating Miwa Shirow's art style, even better than what Bones did with Bungou Stray Dogs, IMHO.

I believe Hacka Doll is a greatly underappreciated little anime. I love parodies, so this is a most for me... it even pokes fun of Evangelion, so these guys have no reservations even with themselves xD.
13 mese/i fachachachowchachachow je suis gomen
Thanks for the invite! Ahh, I still need to see Love and Violence at some point orz I'm not sure how you found me but I'm glad to be part of the group ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
04 mese/i faFoxTheEnigmaFoxTheEnigma
ChibiZee (4 mese/i fa) #22460925I'd love to see the progress of your KLK collection :)
Thanks for joining the group!

I should try and take a picture sometime,still missing a bunch though(Mako nendos,both sega prize figs and the RAH ones)

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