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17 ora/e faSukianimeSukianime
Hoping we can choose which layout we want :s im using a old mobile device to view mfc that does not load new updated layout properly. So im slowly losing access with each update ;;
714 ora/e fa (14 ora/e fa)solluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Wow, v4 is getting a lot of negative feedback, huh? I'm not a fan of it myself and there are some changes that I consider to be downgrades but at least it's not just me. I really hope everyone's feedback is taken into consideration for future updates.
417 ora/e faLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
Wow pics take forever to load and they are so pressed together :/ (I don't want my personal page to change).
1219 ora/e fa (19 ora/e fa)SmarterSmarter
Picture section is a mess now... No grid aligning of pictures, bad thumbnail quality (max jpg compression?) picture info block is inconspicuous now... But related items category's colors are now more noticeable.

Oh, comments... It's like dialog view now...

And Gallery link on Item's page is broken ((mfc link))

Why every new update makes only worse?
1119 ora/e fa (19 ora/e fa)purinbunpurinbun
I'm nearly blind in one eye but usually I can get along tech just fine. Usually. Since the start of the slowly creeping change from section to section of mfc, I began to have a bigger eye strain than normal. This was just on phone, mind you. I opened mfc on my laptop once or twice and immediately regretted it. Haven't used the desktop version since, not even on tablet. I'm actually afraid to open it on tablet but at least zooming would be less screen demanding

I'm really disappointed that kuma deleted the v4 blog because these continued changes of one by one feel like we have no say in this.

The things that are jarring to me besides the squished overall look;

Design. Oh boy. I love green, I really do but it's everywhereeee. Too many accents. Wrong text getting thrown in that green that doesn't know if it wants to ease your eyes or stab them. Banners are a nightmare. I don't want it to follow me like mobile Safari as I scroll down. Why is it squished? Blog section? It's all over the place. The top comments aren't destinguishable at all. The titles are cut off. I don't know what I'm reading about until I read the whole post. Can't open just the comments? Ugh. Logo? UGH. What is that? I'm sorry but no.

The old design was robust enough, this change makes it look like early 2010s and the start of Andorid software/smartphones. Even the green is similar. This is no step forward at all.

I wanted to be a supporter this month but until I see the whole change I'll either stay rgb or visit mfc less.
1120 ora/e fa (20 ora/e fa)BeelzemonBeelzemon
Seems like the V4 update is expanding more and the next "victim" is the Picture section.....
Sigh...I think that the point of an update is to make things better not worse and difficult.Navigating trough the pictures seems harder now,I mean where are the categories?(Bootlegs,collections,spaces etc)Also I don't know if it's just me but after the update the pictures look kind of blurry.And regarding the comment section:where is the preview option?
Seriously I love this site and spend a lot of time here-like so many other people do!- so please stop making it hard to use or at least make the new version optional!
1213 giorno/i faDrakhatosDrakhatos
I just hope that we'll get an option to switch between the styles.
Might sound harsh, but this isn't a style I want to deal with in this era, and not everyone uses a smart phone for internet stuff. I still prefer my computer for that, and would like to keep an eye on this site without being overly confused about questionable design and visuals.
2013 giorno/i fa (13 giorno/i fa)nikkodanikkoda ミカ大好きだよ
Well since Kuma deleted their v4 blog post does that mean none of the suggestions that were made on that are getting considered?

The blog page looks bad. If you only have 1 article and click on it the entire right side of it has all these unnecessary widgets next to it. Also why the levels next to our names? Why is the upvote change? It's like this is getting designed for the sole purpose of being a mobile website, but it still looks bad on mobile. I don't get it.

And still why have one page go v4 at a time?
1414 giorno/i faSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
OK didn't know where to put this as there were already two blogs on the topic, but just now I have TRIED to read a blog first time after the ver4 update, and it is just horrible! Especially the comments section. It is extremely uncomfortable and confusing. I cannot seem to notice where one comment ends and the one after it starts. Also it is really not clear who wrote which comment. I would like to convey my discomfort from this update. A winning horse is not to be replaced...
1514 giorno/i faSkyBlueSkyBlue
Wow...and I thought the homepage was cluttered but the blog recently got transformed to v4 as well and it looks really...messy?
Title gets cut off a lot. Too much unnecessary info / option at the top of the blog and the comments was a mess to read with again too many things going on like the RGB with the ranks are really not important and the helpful thingie (?) was a lot better with an icon instead of a bunch of words. I can only imagine how it'll look when the figure pages get transformed to v4 eventually...
One word to describe v4? Cluttered.
And trust me it looks a lot worst on mobile and I can't revert to desktop view no matter what T^T What on Earth happened to my beloved MFC?

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