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01 mese/i fatheend12theend12
Question for you guys. Is there a reason that there has been no more touhou figmas?
06 mese/i fagoldendemongoldendemon
Sega is staring making touhou plushes at the end of 2016 and also 2017
item #524430
item #514142
011 mese/i famlarayoukaimlarayoukai
Miss Kazami's getting a Nendoroid!
item #464614
011 mese/i fasarahbearsarahbear
01 anno/i faZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Happy 20th Touhou!
12 anno/i faDamion287Damion287
Omygodd, the new game is so hard xD
The spell cards are easier than the non spells tho xD
22 anno/i faZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
A new game has been announced! And Reisen will be a new player character! Hooray!
02 anno/i faMaakieMaakie
I just made an article about how my progress of a Touhou Garage Kit went! ^^ Maybe it's interesting for the club members? (mfc link)
03 anno/i fa (3 anno/i fa)Pinkcake431Pinkcake431
Guys did you hear?
the next touhou game is called "impossible spell card"!
[ext link ]
looks like the main character is Seija!

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