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07 giorno/i faductrinh0801ductrinh0801
I need the base of the sword(the black holder thingy) for the Date a Live Tohka nendoroid figure #144336 Anybody would be willing to sell it? I would be glad to buy it. thank you!
08 giorno/i fa (8 giorno/i fa)ShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Anyone know what size ball joints are in Play Arts Kai figures? I'm at a loss at who to ask...and google isn't being helpful. Wondering mostly if an Obitsu ball joint replacement set would be even remotely helpful in replacing one.
012 giorno/i faclubmonicoclubmonico
Looking for any nendoroid neck joint piece (the part you put just under the faceplate - not the rod) kindly help Canada preferred (for costs but wont shy away from anyone)
012 giorno/i faemosuccubusemosuccubus
im looking for item #218653 's tarot card arm! the one i ordered is missing hers, please pm me if you have one!
016 giorno/i faShaneOliverAShaneOliverA
If anyone has nendoroid mario's hat I'd be happy to buy it. Just please message me and we can discuss.
028 giorno/i faNagisa_MomoeNagisa_Momoe
Looking for the sleeping mako faceplate; ( this : [ext link ])

I'll happily take it off of you! <3
01 mese/i faHaneokaHaneoka
Hi if anybody has any extra figma stands+base or nendoroid stands+base and they're willing to sell, I'd gladly take them off you!!
01 mese/i faAnnaDelacourAnnaDelacour
Hi! I'm looking for Mikasa's figma dynamic hairpiece! -which it comes with Levi's cleanning figure- thank you
02 mese/i fasparky34sparky34
I was wondering if anybody could sell me the pissed face of nendoroid 596 Otosaka Ayumi.Obviously I am willing to pay for it.Please PM me!
03 mese/i faSakamotoSanSakamotoSan
The Miyauchi Renge Nendoroid (no. 445) I purchased did not come with the lined plate (the little action lines to create a dramatic pose) and I was wondering if anyone had an extra one, or was willing to sell me there's. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone let me buy theirs. Let's negotiate on a price!

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