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01 anno/i faDokuro-chanDokuro-chan
Selling so many Kuroko no basket items. Figures, posters etc. Pictures are here: [ext link ]
Pm me if interested.
01 anno/i faaronkenyon95aronkenyon95
Selling five of the megahouse Kuroko figures, Kuroko, Kagami, Kise, Aomine and Takao PM for details.
01 anno/i fathestevenchanthestevenchan
Also have aomine and murasaki 1/8 scale
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
01 anno/i fathestevenchanthestevenchan
Selling him for $60
[ext link ]
01 anno/i faChrisiChrisi
Hi, I have the first three sets of Kuroko no Basket one coin collection and the Kuroko no Basket - Yura-Yura Clip Collection. If anyone is interested PM
21 anno/i fa (1 anno/i fa)EishaGeeEishaGee
GoodSmile's "which character would you like to see made into a nendoroid?" survey!!! Let's give Kuroko some love, right? <3 Then, hopefully they'll start a line of KnB nendoroids! [ext link ]
11 anno/i fa (1 anno/i fa)OscarhemulOscarhemul
02 anno/i faTheySayMoopTheySayMoop
Oscarhemul (2 anno/i fa) #4176309
Episode 75.5 preview! ^^

Ahhh, Im so excited for this. Kuroko's smile at the end~~
22 anno/i faOscarhemulOscarhemul

Episode 75.5 preview! ^^
02 anno/i faEmboar500Emboar500
Good day MFC and KuroBas fans,
I made a club dedicated to Ryouta Kise. Feel free to join the club, here is the link for the club:club #1415

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