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Drizzyrissy (5 giorno/i fa) #24544315Wtf! Her scale is so off...literally just turn Vivi and her around and you'll see the difference

I agree.

Seems really OFF when you put all of them side to side. Also those f***ng glasses.. That was a really bad choice of design.

That was the only BB that I pre-ordered, and I kinda regret it.
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A 1/6 statue of this guy would be awesome... almost no representation of such a great series in figure form is criminal...
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Glad to be of help! I'd be curious to hear how it goes!
malpertuis (1 ora/e fa) #24746079**deepest bow** Just giving me an idea on a paint:thinner ratio is a huge help! I guess I've been using too little.
Thank you so much. Your help has gieven me a little courage to try using enamel. You're now my St. Okeno!
Thank you so much!!
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Just think of all the parts that can potentially break off during shipping. 8')
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I got Maia Tsukigane some months ago for about the same price as you.

Nice collection for July and August.
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Name of the Split and item: Boku no Hero Academia Pita Deforme (Uniform version)
Communication: great
Shipping: a week and a half
Packaging: Good. Surprised to see it come in such a big box (not a bad thing though)
Personal comment: Thanks for being a wonderful host as always! :3
So much pretty blue
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I have her preordered from GSC (¥4800) with the poster included. If anyone wants to take this off my hand, please PM me!
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I haven't been charged for any SAL small packet deliveries, including the ones that are processed by customs and are labelled 'can't be delivered until payed for'. I guess that depends on your local post office.

Parcelforce on the other hand are the devil - Anything delivered via SAL parcel and EMS will get flagged by them almost without fail and they hold the packages until all charges are paid for and then they have the cheek to try and charge you another £10 for weekend delivery.

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