1 ora/e fasliusareksliusarek
glalies (5 mese/i fa) #20539576my boyfriend loves hana so I was thinking about getting him this for his birthday but is it worth it? The user photos don't look too bad but idk if it's worth the 10k or if I should get him something from another series.
It's probably too late, but I'll answer.

It is a pretty great figure. I dislike statues for the most part and prefer to keep everything small, but even I liked the way this looks. Paint, facial expression, clothing are very nice. I only wish it had a better base and a smaller packaging.

So, if he is a fan of Hana, this would be a great figure.
1 ora/e fakieoskekieoske
Orderd her on anime has dissapeard, no response.... *sigh* fml..
1 ora/e fataometaome
Somebody still interested to buy? I've got him from a local retailer, he's original and never opened althought his box is a bit damaged outside because of the storage. I think to sell him $65 + shipping from EU, international buyers welcome. For more details and pictures please PM me!
1 ora/e fathmpithmpi
i love this figure as she is - better than the tits out and double dildos pose
1 ora/e faHotohori-samaHotohori-sama
I had to order her, yesterday, also. I've been thinking about it for a long time, as I have so many figures, but she's just too wonderful to pass on. The fact that her pussy isn't censored and seems very well designed cemented my decision. Her pose is a bit odd when unclothed, but considering the glowing pumpkin, you can just pretend that she's playfully acting a bit like the undead for Halloween. Also, I will keep her clothed most of the time, anyway, as the clothing really is beyond cute.
1 ora/e faDBZFanGirl2284DBZFanGirl2284
Guy9394 (13 giorno/i fa) #26817764i highly value consistency so i would look at whether a type of base is available for most of the characters in the collection.
When i began looking for bases, those character name shaped bases aren't available. If I were to start over, it is likely i'll pick that type instead. The advantage is how it almost looks like an official product while the usual oval ones looks homemade (i can't do it but some thought i did).

Yeah, the big lettered bases I like those a lot more than the oval ones because they look the closest to being official bases for Portrait of Pirates and they do have ones for all the figures I own so far, except phoenix marco with the blue wing, that's the only one that there is one for but everyone else there is. Thanks for the advice, and please forgive the late reply
1 ora/e faRikudouRikudou
PVCollectorAaron (2 ora/e fa) #27451483I'm a bit disappointed with their paintjob. Banpresto's paintjob has been a lot better in the past compared to the video you've made.

As they are prize figures I expected them to be lesser than their normal retail products.
1 ora/e fa (1 ora/e fa)bran2505bran2505
Selling for $25 in U.S, paypal only. Pm for more info/pics if interested.

Good clean condition, comes with everything.
1 ora/e faknaomiknaomi
Awesome pic! Love all the little Captain Marvel comics scattered on the ground; it’s a nice bit of characterization you’ve managed to fit in there.
1 ora/e faHunnykipsHunnykips
spaceattorney (7 giorno/i fa) #27153085I live in Canada.
I've had SAL take a few months once or twice, but it's usually a couple weeks…
if you got insurance it might be good to contact them soon :/
So funny thing is.... i literally got him within the next couple hours after writing this comment xD He is absolutely AMAZING!! Thanks for the help!
2 ora/e fa (1 ora/e fa)JustMoEJustMoE
Looking to sell my pre-ordered Rory from NY. Figure's already been paid for, so I'd ship her to you (from Germany) as soon as I receive her.

Price is 153 € plus shipping & PP fees. PM me if interested.
2 ora/e fa (1 ora/e fa)CantisamaCantisama
Tiamat26 (2 ora/e fa) #27451472There is no fun in that then as if I had not screwed up and the bid had been placed then a counter could have been made at the very last second.
You can still be outbid at the last second, but since you already put in the maximum amount you wanted to spend, it doesn't matter. This makes it much easier for the person with the most interest in an item to win it without having to micromanage.

Even so, I still get nervous during the last few minutes of an auction. I prefer buy it now to avoid the stress ^^;
2 ora/e faHiinaHiina
I was waiting to get the money to fully pay for a pre-order wedding Horo from them. Glad I dodged that bullet!
2 ora/e faMykaMyka
I couldn't help but think of this figure during Nathan Chen's SP XD

View spoilerHide spoiler
2 ora/e fadeathangelsdeathangels
non-figs (3 ora/e fa) #27451452You can find out how they calculate shipping cost here for Europe:
[ext link ]
It is 800 JPY for each shippment and additional 300 JPY per book in your case

Thanks! Never saw that page, just what I was looking for~
Rikudou (7 giorno/i fa) #27156851
So I picked up Boruto and Naruto. While it is Banpresto quality/size as expected, I am very happy with them!

I'm a bit disappointed with their paintjob. Banpresto's paintjob has been a lot better in the past compared to the video you've made.
2 ora/e faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
2 ora/e fabmkercebmkerce
Haha thats totally awesome,dammit those URs look so good. I have an SSR Umi which is my best and favorite one so far.

Oh I dont blame you at all I would totally put money into it if I could afford it, but That damn game is a blast, I played Aishiteru Bonzai for the first time a few days ago and it hit the feels lol. Yea definitely enjoying the game.
2 ora/e faxxkurenaixshixxxxkurenaixshixx
ahh...muther fawker!!!! lol

Just change the release to 2018 ^^a
I have no orders for Nov-Dec...
2 ora/e fabambipiebambipie
HLJ says release in November??? Is that right???

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