1 ora/e fachobittsuchobittsu
andre30496 (6 ora/e fa) #29653562Wait how did you know to ask to see a scample of the calendadr? Also you should have bought all of the DVDs at a different store to see if you could get the bonuses
On the shelf where the boxed To Love Ru calendars were, there was a card saying that if you wanted to see the sample you should ask the staff. It didn't go without a hitch though; because the card was in front of the Haikyuu calendars they thought I wanted to see those (even though the card referred to the To Love Ru one), so after I told that it referred to the latter they eventually brought the correct sample from behind.

As for the DVD's: it was a secondhand item. It does contain some bonus material though.
1 ora/e faRaveDarknessRaveDarkness
give up my preorder on NY. Please write me when someone is interested.
1 ora/e faRaveDarknessRaveDarkness
give up my preorder on NY. Please write me when someone is interested.
1 ora/e faSageGuySageGuy
sliusarek (2 ora/e fa) #29660875Anyone has an idea when she releases? I have an order on AmiAmi which has a "payment due 18th December". I wonder if I'll be able to add Meteora to this order...

She is released today. But has been sold out on ami for a while now. So you'll have to hope someone cancels.
1 ora/e faAzaizerAzaizer
I regret no getting this figure when it first came out and now the aftermarket price is skyrocketed for it! I passed cause even though I wanted the Yu Yu series figures I knew I didn't want to fork out the money for the rare ones like Kuwabara and Yoko/Kurama. But Kotobukiya just re-released the ENTIRE squad! So here's hoping this might see a re-release too?

Although, Alphamax,...why only just a figure of Hiei? What about the rest of the Yu Yu crew?
Well done ❤
1 ora/e faA1yxxxanderA1yxxxander
You receive my pm right? I know it acts up sometimes.
1 ora/e fa (1 ora/e fa)VioFitzVioFitz
Karumi (3 ora/e fa) #29660112I'm also fairly certain these aren't allowed. They are specifically of the American versions and thus of US origin. While the US borrows the same concepts, the shows themselves and the characters are different. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is not Japanese, and Funko is not a Japanese company, so I don't think these are allowed.
As far as Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc. goes, as previously mentioned it is because they are specifically merchandise from Kingdom Hearts, which is Japanese in origin. Only merch. of them from KH or produced by a Japanese company is allowed in the database.
AshuriiKareshi (8 ora/e fa) #29652603On the back of the box it says they're licensed too SCG Power Rangers aka Saban Capital Group which is American. It doesn't mention any Japanese company or origin
Image here - [ext link ]
Edit - it's also called Saban's MMPR. No mention of any Japanese company

I know but, they're still Japan origins since the designs belongs to Toei properties. So, it doesn't matter where they came from as long as they're still Japanese made designs. But, if you still insist then go delete this but, I really need this page for taking a note of my collections.
2 ora/e faLehstLehst
Jeanne isn't even my waifu, but your magestic and endearing photos of her make me want to marry her. <3
2 ora/e faglaliesglalies
I pretty much only buy a figure I'm not 100% on if it's in the same mandarake store as something I'm already planning on ordering haha
2 ora/e faazusamukamiazusamukami
Happy Birthday, dear!
2 ora/e faBah-RooBah-Roo
beautiful! love the warm tones in this
2 ora/e fasteffi-pandasteffi-panda
Thank you!
cryingtrash (2 ora/e fa) #29661070Happy birthday lovely!
2 ora/e faHoroWiseWolfHoroWiseWolf
Well, apparently you can't link more than 450 items on a list so this is dead.

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