2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)chronoxiiichronoxiii
I just received her. Is it just me or did they paint her hair two shades darker in the actual figurine as compared to the prototype pictures? I am kinda pissed about this because her hair is supposed to be a bright, glowing blonde and not so deep.

Either that or my lighting/computer screen is showing me the wrong shade.
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)AuriAuri
The figma/nendoroid method should work: heating up a needle and pulling out the two pieces (you can also drill them and put a pin inside to pull the pieces out) and then I'd suggest putting a pin or sturdy wire to join the two pieces before gluing it together and putting everything back in its place.

Thing is, if you found better deals, why waste your time on this one?
2 ora/e faneromancerneromancer
Source image? I guess he's not wearing his coat here.
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)LordAuraLordAura
After being majorly disappointed by all the Utaha figures so far, I really hope this one ends up looking like her when its done. Is that really so much to ask?
2 ora/e faDanoasisDanoasis
Akeno and Rias are now for pre-order on AmiAmi as well, no soft body and a new feature:

The swimsuit is made of translucent clear parts!
Both the alluring top & bottom can be cast-offed!

*This figure is completely made of hard PVC
2 ora/e faKiz-xoKiz-xo
Titan_Scientist (2 ora/e fa) #22636162Put them in the spare room in detolfs, and keep the door shut. If the house is starting to smell like smoke, then the figures will soon as well.
It doesnt smell too bad, but its still there most days. A friend said they'll probs be fine as the smoke isnt too bad, but idk even a little could be bad. Im still new and dont know, all ik is smoke discolors and makes a layer of tar x.x
2 ora/e fasolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
SO cute! I'm so happy that I took a chance and pre-ordered her after seeing the painted pictures.
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)lossetarilossetari
elliewellies (16 ora/e fa) #22618592I ordered her from Eye on Asia and still haven't received her! I've contacted them multiple times and the only place I get a reply is from their Facebook page. The last time I spoke to them, they said she would arrive in June! So far it's not looking hopefully as it's the 25th today!!

That is definitely not promising, but I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one waiting on her >.< I messaged them a few weeks ago and they told me they had expected to get her already but now they don't know when she'll arrive which doesn't really help anyone :P
It's coming up to a year since I ordered her so I should get a refund of the deposit if I cancel my order (at least that's what their FAQ says :P) so if she doesn't arrive by then I might just do that since it's been so long since she was released >.<
2 ora/e faalvinopfalvinopf
Thanks for your alert, R_Kasahara! I added the Manufacturer now! :)
2 ora/e faDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
You got some great items that's for sure! :) That's so lucky that you liked a lot of items in your box ^^
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)horatiohoratio
With this sort of major damage, even if you got it dirt cheap, you're only doing the seller a favor (who is definitely looking to get rid of it). It really ain't worth it.
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)scabbotscabbot
...and delay: “Initially the release date was on : 2017-06-30
The new release date is now on : 2017-06-26” (N-Y email)
2 ora/e faDanteMayCry67DanteMayCry67
I didn't know that this website is only for Japanese figures or manufacturer, is a little bit strange but why not, so you can delete the figure, I am not able to change the origin of the author :p
2 ora/e fasojasoja
LOVE the pic. The doggy looks so done with everything. XDD

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