2 ora/e fagoldfriesgoldfries
knaomi (3 ora/e fa) #25011669Gorgeous photo and figure!! Myethos does such nice work it's a shame you can't enter a lot of their stuff into the mfc database.

Yeah, this one's not new but it's still not on Database. The Database is only most complete for "Japanese" based stuff.
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)antiboloantibolo
rufusdrumknott (1 giorno/i fa) #24963550Don't see why people are being so snarky, a good company listens to feedback and that's exactly what GSC has done which is more than I can say for a lot of other big companies. I'm happy with them :D
It is a shame that it didn't happen until after the WonFes order period tho ^^; Oh well, win some, lose some.

People are snarky because removing JPY was a stupid thing for them to do in the first place. It kinda gave the impression that they didn't care about their international audience not in the US or Eurozone.
2 ora/e faArukuAruku
Rise and Shine was just released and I feel so more excited about getting her, Mei is too pure ;w;
2 ora/e faSageGuySageGuy
As others have said, good communication is important. And the total cost of things too. Because if I can get the item cheaper from a trustworthy store, there's no point in taking a risk by buying it from someone online. I don't care about bonus goods, because those would probably end up in a drawer somewhere.

Jenthehen (3 ora/e fa) #25009975A personal pet peeve of mine is sellers asking for Paypal fees, though - unless I'm desperate that makes me back right out of your sale ;)

Asking for the paypal fee sounds normal to me, unless everything is already included in the listed price.
2 ora/e faLynette21Lynette21
Happy Birthdayy~
2 ora/e faLazyOtakuGirlLazyOtakuGirl
agmar (4 ora/e fa) #25009278The figure is in prototype stage, still not out on the market, still need to show the painted prototype, which will be in a few months, and just after that will be available for pre-order. I calculate that just after the end of December Kotobukiya will start the reservations.
Once you start the reservations you can purchase it at any figures shop like TOM or AmiAmi.
Ok Thank you!! Although they don't have the biggest selection tokyootakumode is the best value with free shipping, TOM points, and sales. Hopefully they stock it.
2 ora/e faJaouJaou
As many others pointed out here already you should not be too worried about what other people may or may not think of you but much rather focus on what you enjoy and like! In the end you are the one looking at it. You can be open about it with your parents and friends but I don't think it will change on how they treat you :) If it is your passion they will accept it! I talk about all of my figure gets or what I consider getting with my mother and friends (including NSWF figures) and they are totaly fine with it. Granted I have met people that find it odd or made mean comments about it but I simply do not care because it's what I love and there is nothing wrong with it :) get your chin up and express yourself

Good luck
2 ora/e fasledgehammahsledgehammah
Hello, I have read and will follow all the rules. I would like to join.
2 ora/e faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Acht! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
2 ora/e faSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
ooh! will these display cases be available for sale?
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)AnathemaAnathema
A very nice figure, but that price is nothing short of heartbreaking.

Otherwise it would've been an instant preorder.
2 ora/e faspiral6spiral6
pradshaw89 (12 giorno/i fa) #24545098To anyone who got the re-released version, is it hard to stick the shield to her hand?

Not particularly. Fits fairly easily. Shield's a bit difficult to place though in general.
3 ora/e faMiaekaMiaeka
chiyuun (8 ora/e fa) #25004778AAAAA I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT!! and thank you haha!! i don't want to know how much money i've actually spent on all this stuff lol. but i don't regret anything, i'm nothing but happy about everything i've been able to find ♡
and actually, a lot of her merch aren't that expensive! they can be hard to find sometimes, but i got eg. the music boxes for 500 yen each, one of the plates costed about 1000 yen while i bought the second plate for 350 yen the other day! her bowl is really rare, but i actually just payed about 800 yen for it i think.
the most expensive is the plush of course, but other than that i don't think i've seen that much merch of hers that has been really expensive! :)

give them to me or I'll kill you
Where do you get your teto merch then? Until now I've religiously only bought my merch from Mandarake and Amiami, also purchasing from eBay and TOM on the rare occasion.
3 ora/e fahughjazz44hughjazz44
After seeing the release pics, I feel regret for not getting her. :|
3 ora/e faknaomiknaomi
Gorgeous photo and figure!! Myethos does such nice work it's a shame you can't enter a lot of their stuff into the mfc database.
3 ora/e fashirokumashirokuma
Imuya (11 ora/e fa) #25001617 [...] This is really interesting! And I guess also answers some questions about Ques Q's scaling... people often think they're smaller and 1/8s are really more like 1/10s, etc. But I guess they just like all of their figures to be around the same height. I have their Shimakaze (and Atago!) and she's really small since she also has her hair ribbon included in the 190mm, and it's weird to me that Nagato will be the same height as her :O

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