2 ora/e fasamkaizokusamkaizoku
I thought about it more during those last few weeks, and I have come to the conclusion that I will pass. Kakashi is my favorite anime character, but I simply can't bring myself to like it:

- I feel the body portions are too disproportionate. Hands and arms too big, and legs too long
- The face isn't always spot on
- Them joints! Too damn visible no matter how you pose him and can't unsee them. I just don't like it.
- The price is too much, at least for me. for YEN 14,000+ I prefer to buy the new Bandai Susano Kakashi (will be closer to YEN 9k) which is a fresher approach to Kakashi
2 ora/e fageroticgerotic
Myka (2 ora/e fa) #27425185His price is pretty stable around that. I bought mine 2 years ago for 15K yen.

Ah it's not that, I was hoping it'd be a bit cheaper as I've already spent quite a bit on figures this month. I'll probably get him next month so I don't spend too much in one month.
2 ora/e fafreezermilkfreezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
ughrora (1 giorno/i fa) #27361151Thank you for the friend request! It's lovely to meet you. ^~^
Lovely to meet u too! ~
2 ora/e faMykaMyka
My Hot Topic got their shipment today! They were marked not to display since they are missing the stickers, but if you ask they will sell him :)
2 ora/e faMykaMyka
gerotic (3 ora/e fa) #27422452Jesus christ 12k yen... I'll have to check back in a few weeks

His price is pretty stable around that. I bought mine 2 years ago for 15K yen.
2 ora/e fafreezermilkfreezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
dollbyn (9 ora/e fa) #27417426Lol! Glad to meet another person who enjoys Skydoll. I honestly wish there was more merch for it, I would snatch it all up in a heartbeat! ;-;
Honestly!! I love Noa with all my heart and honestly the designs & style are just soooo good I wish I could have more ;o;
2 ora/e fa (2 ora/e fa)VeroxionVeroxion
I'd recommend looking up up doll customizers on Youtube. They mostly paint onto Monster High or BJD, but the info on airbrushing and which paints to use will come in handy.

This airbrushing series is helpful, but not finished. However it's a great starting point when you're looking to buy.

[ext link ]
2 ora/e faShmartinShmartin
Ill sell you the head with hair piece off of mine. After cleaning the paint transfer marks on mine it did not turn out so well. Mainly because of how badly it was marked up. Sounds like you have had better luck then I did.

wolfdude2121 (4 ora/e fa) #27421619Oh man, this is exciting. After all the work I finally fixed it! To find out her hair piece that covers her hand is missing. I got it new in box, so either it came without it with really bad luck on my part...or...it fell out somewhere in the void of no return... Either way I don't have it ugh.
2 ora/e faLehstLehst
So cute <3
2 ora/e fadeusxanimedeusxanime
Tried to dispute with PayPal on a preorder I paid for at the beginning of the year, but of course immediately closed because it was past 180 days. I paid via credit card through PayPal so I could probably try to do a chargeback with the CC company/Visa, but I'm guessing that would piss off PayPal pretty bad, possibly close my account if I did that? Probably have to suck it up and just admit I'm going to lose that money...
2 ora/e faSnowZeldaSnowZelda
She looks awesome - i love the movement in her skirt.
2 ora/e faxshinoxxshinox
EXi (11 ora/e fa) #27413203amazing, create one with the megaman, pleasehow would this work? they didn't make a rock figure or even dr. light
2 ora/e fagpanthonygpanthony
Hope she's in scale with Koto's Madoka and Homura (Miko ver) but wouldn't be surprised if she came out in 1/7... Hope they'll do more.
2 ora/e facrystalgemcrystalgem
If anyone would sell me just Sylphy, please let me know! I would love to buy her! Thank you!!
2 ora/e fasamkaizokusamkaizoku
MEGALOTRAGUS04 (20 ora/e fa) #27378072I knew someone will notice this...XD...Probably due to his lighting blade...I started to noticed it a month ago when I noticed his head clearance to the top of the display became noticeable, then
I looked at it in side view he totally starts to lean forward.

To be honest, even mine I feel it's bending a little bit forward; although I have him hold the book, but it is slightly leaning forward. bummer :/
2 ora/e fasamkaizokusamkaizoku
Siris (19 ora/e fa) #27379576Hahahaha, ok, sorry. You are right, maybe someday... Maybe Megahouse make something with that prototype from some time ago :S

yeah from 3 years back lol...
2 ora/e faSeimiSeimi
GodYagami (22 ora/e fa) #27375385Sim.
Eu já modifiquei algumas invoices do BiJ pra pedir revisão. Será que consigo continuar fazendo isso? uhehueuheuhauheha

Ai mentira

Seria muita ilusão esperar que, assim como todo o resto no Brasil, esse metodo não funcione? HUSHAUSAH aff logo agora que comprei minha primeira figure em escala 1/6

BiJ é qual? Acho que o ideal seria achar uma loja confiável e não muito cara que marcasse as coisas como presente, não? Será que existe?
2 ora/e fagigokaygigokay
Lulles (1 giorno/i fa) #27343396That’s exactly the reply they sent me! And I too asked them how soon “as soon as possible” is and never got a reply. Yeaaah...never buying from them again.
There is still hope, I paid on October 8th. It is now finally shipped on October 20th, so it looks like they may finally be catching up with the backlog.
2 ora/e faamthetrueheroamthetruehero
Selling for 50 dollars plus shipping!!! pm me for shipping quote, USA buyers ONLY! thank you!!!! :)

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