3 ora/e faReichiReichi
Are not you tired of downloading and deleting this photo every month?
3 ora/e faAimaileafyAimaileafy
Woher kannst du so gut Deutsch, wenn ich fragen darf >w< ♥?
3 ora/e faAmylaseAmylase
Apparently, this goes on P.O. tomorrow.
3 ora/e fasayfdosayfdo
Premier étage :

Figurine "fantasy gallery" akira + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine berserk guts "blood version" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Deuxième étage :

Figurine "bastard!!" arshes nei + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine saint seiya "déesse athéna" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Troisième étage :

Figurine shining ark "sakuya mode seraphim" + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine shining resonance "rinna mayfield" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Quatrième étage :

Tirage unique limité à 1530 exemplaires et numéroté du tome 1 de "wika et la fureur d'obéron" + 1 ex-libris numéroté, signé et limité à 199 exemplaires, art book hokuto no ken ultimate illustration box et 1 ex-libris.
3 ora/e fahoratiohoratio
Not bad. A pity that there's no mini Eren doll for Mikasa to hug.
3 ora/e fakamikazilucaskamikazilucas
so suruga is saying it wont accept my payment because it dosent accept international cards,so what the fuck do it do
3 ora/e faastarte952astarte952
möchtest du eigendlich weiter in der kanzlei arbeiten oder nach studium was anderes machen? so eine doppelsache geht ja ziemlich an die substanz.
3 ora/e fa (3 ora/e fa)horatiohoratio
Just like me, looks like Rem has a lot of manga to catch up on. You know, the way you set up the room makes it look like some modern minimalist apartment; pretty cool.
3 ora/e fa (3 ora/e fa)Hotohori-samaHotohori-sama
I didn't know they were making this. ....This is just incredible. >.<;; Better, even, than the first one. Never thought more of this cutie would come. I need to have her......

Already pre-ordered this one, also (which is how I found myself here): [ext link ] ...God I hope they make a blonde, blue-eyed version of this figure. This wall scroll has her with reddish eyes, though, which also looks wonderful. There also is a pink version. If they make a blonde version of this figure, though, I just hope they put shadowing in the hair; due to the lack of it in the old one, it looked unnatural, which made me prefer the original of her, with brown hair. Which was kind of nice, considering the crazy aftermarket price of the blonde, blue-eyed one.... >.>

I can't wait for this scroll..... >.< at least it'll be available in September, already..
3 ora/e fa (3 ora/e fa)JosineJosine
Aimaileafy (4 ora/e fa) #22634789I actually thought that her name could be a hint to Schneewittchen, alias Snow White. If you turn around her name and her surname you have Schneeweiß, which actually is a german word. But hey, I don't know the series, so maybe Im totally wrong here xD I just thought that Schnee Weiß/Schneeweiß would make more sense, since - just as you've said - it would be grammatically correct to write it Weißer Schnee (but that sounds odd as a name, if you ask me, but maybe I think that because Im from Germany).
I definitely think it's a hint to Snow White but then again I'm also not really familiar with the series :P
3 ora/e fa (3 ora/e fa)azaziel666azaziel666
130 usd + 30 shipping to US
Brand new

Ask me for quote if elsewhere
Pm if interested.
3 ora/e fahoratiohoratio
FigmoeLurker (8 ora/e fa) #22631548Ritsu as Popuko and Mio as Pipimi would be better in my opinion
Great picture, I would like to see a headswap using Ryuko and Satsuki from Kill la Kill, if you have those nendos

Nice suggestion; that would make them Pop la Pip.
3 ora/e fae-Broe-Bro
maggie (9 ora/e fa) #22630812Ok thanks I was going on the MFC release date listed on this page.No worries. I was going off the MFC date too, so I was a little bummed when I didn't see him anywhere. It's like you said though, he'll hopefully pop in and out of stock online towards the end of the month.

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