4 ora/e faBearcatBearcat
Got an extra to sell, 7$ + shipping and pp fees, will ship worldwide.
4 ora/e fanunonuno
No other Street Fighter figure announced for the same month? Are they already slowing down?
4 ora/e fanunonuno
With the release date confirmed for next January they'd better continue on with this line...
4 ora/e fanunonuno
It seems we won't be getting Karin with this one... what a waste.
4 ora/e fa (4 ora/e fa)Valestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Checking this everyday as my morning routine haha

Also is it me or did GSC tone down the curves of her waist?
4 ora/e fa (4 ora/e fa)agmaragmar
LazyOtakuGirl (4 ora/e fa) #25008591Can anyone give me advice on how to preorder this figure. I'm just starting my collection and I have no idea what I'm doing lol Thanks.
The figure is in prototype stage, still not out on the market, still need to show the painted prototype, which will be in a few months, and just after that will be available for pre-order. I calculate that just after the end of December Kotobukiya will start the reservations.
Once you start the reservations you can purchase it at any figures shop like TOM or AmiAmi.
4 ora/e famurialitamurialita
Iamanerd (4 ora/e fa) #25008043What's the best way to get this figure and the Black Heart figure if you're in the US?I just bought them straight from Big in Japan. Sure, you have to pay upfront, and it's a little more expensive then if you bought them somewhere else and then did the proxy stuff, but that's too much hassle to me. I've not had problems with Big in Japan before.
4 ora/e faHannakunhikariHannakunhikari
feuilgarde (1 giorno/i fa) #24962117omg this is adorable - what a good find!! <3
Daichukiyo (20 ora/e fa) #24987276Love the Yuri on ice key chains! For such an awesome price as well! ><

They are indeed precious TvT)9
Thanks~ I had to resist screaming when I saw the YOI ones lol
4 ora/e faCheexCollectsCheexCollects
Looking to sell 30$ + shipping, Pm me, just like new, Us only
4 ora/e faCheexCollectsCheexCollects
Looking to sell 25$ + shipping, just like new, pm me..
4 ora/e faCheexCollectsCheexCollects
Looking to sell 80$ + shipping, just like new, Us only, pm me
4 ora/e faasparagus88asparagus88
lovely collection :)

i like your ghibli corner. i also have small corner of ghibli's stuff on my display but mostly just a post card and small pins

and you have a cute cat (well i'm just a simple cat lover anyway XD)
4 ora/e fabayubekhabayubekha
goldfries (18 ora/e fa) #24994008Yes, can buy them from AmiAmi.
thankyou :D
4 ora/e fa (4 ora/e fa)CheexCollectsCheexCollects
Looking to sell 40$ + shipping, US only, like new opened once, US only, Pm me
4 ora/e famoderateTroublemoderateTrouble
Wow, absolutely gorgeous figure!!!

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