1 giorno/i faNanamiaNanamia
Cute :3
1 giorno/i faastarte952astarte952
well done!
1 giorno/i faastarte952astarte952
was hast du denn für deinen lily nendo bezahlt? sie hat ja letzten samstag von stäbe von sailor moon auf con geholt je 25€ das stück aber im laden in der stadt gab es die für 17€. lol!
1 giorno/i fafeltrashfeltrash
late_choco was a great seller! Really good communication, provided a tracking number, and all costs seemed very reasonable. Would be happy to by from them again.
1 giorno/i faChapDDRChapDDR
My sister is selling her Commander Shepard Bishoujo. Sadly no box but in great shape! PM me if interested with your offer! I"ll pass it on to her.

Shipping would be from the Netherlands.
1 giorno/i fa (1 giorno/i fa)tsunderequeentsunderequeen

mood™ man me and my boyfriend love Guts but Berserk(er) armor guts is my dad.
1 giorno/i faFallen-CloudFallen-Cloud
Myka (1 giorno/i fa) #22563135Ordered 3. Two got stolen. Third one made it from TOM. No poster/postcard or anything extra though. Did TOM shipped those?

As far as I know the poster was an Aniplex+ bonus - though mine from Nippon Yasan had it. I don't think TOM got the bonus, though. More importantly, though,why did two of your figures get stolen!? O_O
1 giorno/i faastarte952astarte952
letzten samstag hat sie sich ja auf con 5 sailor moon stäbe je 25€ das stück geholt aber im laden in der stadt haben die nur 17€ gekostet. lol! preise vergleichen lohnt sich.
1 giorno/i faKitsune88Kitsune88
MongerMonger (2 giorno/i fa) #22537336I don't care for 2B either. I like A2 a lot and I'm sad they are making 9S, but not her.

I didn't think they'd be making an A2, since she would have the same mold like 2B. We can only hope that they bring out an outfit set + plus to make your 2B DD into A2~
1 giorno/i fatharglettharglet
I'm in the UK, and the UK stores seem to be universally shit. The prices don't tend to be competitive (not uncommon for stuff to be cheaper, even if it gets "caught" in customs), and takes longer than it should to get stuff (cancelled a preorder recently because of that). Also stores tend to be rather limited to what they stock, so most of the time I won't have a choice other than to do an international order, though there are retailers picking up more Eastern stuff than they used to.

So yeah. My postie gets to field a whole bunch o' boxes from Japan for me.
1 giorno/i faKiruKiruKiruKiru
OMG I use the same little greenshouses for my figmas! Ahh i was gonna make one into a diorama and you did it, so cute

im overly excited to see someone else using them
1 giorno/i faastarte952astarte952
was hast du debn für deinen lily nendo bezahlt?
1 giorno/i fadymitrdymitr
1 giorno/i fachapters0chapters0
Would love a potato plush but not for that price :(
1 giorno/i faescape_ropeescape_rope
Invitations sent, except for:

ichig0o (8 giorno/i fa) #22293222Hi I have read and agree with the rules. I would love to join in this club please.Thank you!hiraeth (9 giorno/i fa) #22276903Hello, I have read and agree with the rules. I would love to join in this club :)Halca (14 giorno/i fa) #22053084Hello. I have read the rules and will definitely follow them. May I join the club?
Thank You.

Your accounts aren't old enough. As written above we now only permit membership to accounts who have been active on MFC for at least 3 months. Please try again later.

kinomoto (10 giorno/i fa) #22230613I read and agree with the rules and would like to join. (edit) It says I joined a month ago but this is a new account, I've been on this site for a few years.
I'm sorry but we'd need some kind of proof you had an account on MFC before. Just saying you had one isn't enough. Can an ADM or MOD confirm your old account? Please drop me a PM about this matter if you got some proof.
1 giorno/i faSedgeSedge
Akamedes (17 giorno/i fa) #21946243AmiAmi
[ext link ]

Not available for the entire Western hemisphere, apparently.
1 giorno/i famangokyattomangokyatto
selling 2008 version for $15 used/great condition(with box) plus shipping!
1 giorno/i faICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
Why am I just now hearing about miniature IKEA furniture?! <3 OMG this is so cute!! And your Love Live! figs look AWESOME!

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