7 minuto/i faNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
chuchu08 (7 giorno/i fa) #19948148Thank you :) I love yours too. No not at all its nice to meet you :D Thank you as well! :3 your profile picture is cute, did you draw/color it yourself? I didn't draw or color mine, I am thankful to who created it :)
11 minuto/i faViku-AsakuraViku-Asakura
cgcheok (8 giorno/i fa) #19932671Like the pose of this one,But overall Prime 1 looks 10times better,i prefer prime 1 wait for First 4 Figures' Guts preorders will be open around October - December and is looking good item #531869
12 minuto/i faagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
agentmozell (2 mese/i fa) #17804413Decided tim give up my preorder for Lelouch only! I placed an order for both him and Suzaku but decided I only wanted Suzaku.
Preordered him on AnimeBLVD! Please PM me if you're interested in taking it over.

Still up for grabs!
13 minuto/i fa (11 minuto/i fa)NunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
View spoilerHide spoilerYpsii (18 giorno/i fa) #19600021View spoilerHide spoiler
I'm happy to hear you had a nice birthday! :D Did you have a great party with your friends, too? Pandora jewellery is adorable, my sister collects their little charms, but yes, the prices can the really high. What exactly did you get?
View spoilerHide spoiler
Oh, I'd really like to see the birthday figure with my own eyes, too! None of my friends collects figures, though, at least not anime related ones. :/
Ugh, yes, the Animate Café and in-store exclusives are the worst in my opinion. I almost feel ashamed for how much I've spent on them, but especially the flower standees are so cute! :') I've seen the Victor one go for as much as ¥18,000 ... Consider yourself hugged! D:
I think some merchandise prices are ridiculous in general, but most of the smaller collectibles are ~okay, even though it does add up pretty fast.
I'm sorry for the dumb question, but Kanata is from one of the male idol shows/games, right? I don't have much knowledge about most of the modern series, I only got back into anime about a year and a half ago and don't watch a lot of shows ...
EDIT: I just checked your profile again to be sure. So he's from Ensemble Stars. Do you play the game? :)
View spoilerHide spoiler
Yeah, I'll most likely buy a new tablet tomorrow or sometime next week, I had to decide which one I want first. And it's definitely about time! >:| I've lost all my data from my old tablet and I have to say that it hurts quite a lot.
I guess Madoka Magica is very popular? I know the figures sell very well, but that's about it. Now I feel kind of ignorant. D: I just always assumed it's not my genre, but I may be wrong? Is it a typical magical girl show? Originally I didn't want to watch YoI, either, because I thought the promotion to be boring, but oh boy! :D

Sorry for the late reply! I wanted to type the reply on my computer rather then my phone so that there was no errors (I have been using the library internet for a while and did other things since their internet was free hehehe) anyway I have renewed internet on my computer now~

Yes :3 hmm it wasn't really a party, we catched up during the day, went and watched beauty and the beast (very well done) and hanged out in the CBD.
For my birthday, I got a new necklace with a locket where you can see the heart inside, and the complete Ariel charm collection <3 I love everything! if only I could have gotten more LOL!

Yeah I'm the same D: honestly such a shame, I have no one to talk to about it and one time I had my best friends over and they almost ruined a figure because they touched it and almost pushed it back to far! I swear to god, I gave them the talk -_- I love them but if you don't have my permission then DONT.TOUCH.ANYTHING!!
I do have one collecting friend though, but she moved to another part of Australia for a while, I only see her once a year at most. But we talk online ^^

True :'(
" ¥18,000 ... Consider yourself hugged! D:" - hugs back since the despair is real**

ahh Kanata is this beautiful boy from the phone game (becoming an anime soon) Ensemble Stars! (as you know thanks to profile) I wanted to add a cute gif but it didn't work so I went with a picture - Basically I have had the game on my phone for at least 6 months now, I started it last year thanks to my gay friend Shaun (who isn't much of a collector) Though when I play it I don't really understand what all the text says, but thanks to translations, I know the moral of the story and despite the fact I cant read anything, its fun to play, its cute and I basically know all the personalities now and their most common conversations + other random bits and pieces.
I got it through Google Play Store thanks to having a app called TunnelBear and a new google account for the Japanese google play account.

I hope the new tablet and such worked out!! (I'm sorry to hear about all the lost data!! D': Consider yourself hugged!)

hahaha yeah it really isn't the typical magical girl show - if it helps, I normally don't like magical girl shows either, I always watch them though (I don't always complete them if their just to plain and typical) but its surprising how you can miss amazing things because they looked to be something unpleasant. But magica is refreshing, its not so 'happy go lucky' and I actually love homura most mainly because of how broken she become - as strange as that sounds haha.
I love watching YoI and how the little amount of merchandise I can get is really nice. I'm very excited to see the movie ^^ - I imagine you are too!
13 minuto/i faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board theodorebiscuit! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
13 minuto/i faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board cosmeticsurgery! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
15 minuto/i faJasurimJasurim
I wish there was at least some contrast between the top and bottom, even if it was a just a different shade. Oh well.
I'm not 100% on the face...Hmmm. I guess the wait continues for more pictures haha.
17 minuto/i faneromancerneromancer
I dust my figures on the floor or on a small table/platform to prevent it from dropping.
19 minuto/i faQuantaEternaQuantaEterna
A "I'm ready to slice your balls off." look is certainly refreshing to see rather than the usual "I know you want me." look.
21 minuto/i fashirokumashirokuma
Selling opened for $75 + shipping (I'm located in the US); she is in excellent condition although the box shows some wear. I'm also selling Kobato. Please PM if interested!
22 minuto/i fapradshaw89pradshaw89
FaytTheCount (1 giorno/i fa) #20252731Watch this all get pushed back a month or two and when she is released the color of the bag is red instead of white, its Alter were talking about they have all the time in the world, and they know were going to keep buying from them.

Bag won't be red because the bag stays white as you level her up in-game.
22 minuto/i fa (22 minuto/i fa)LehstLehst
just when I thought I had let this one go...
they pull me back in with re-release...
24 minuto/i faBea2028Bea2028
Maakie (9 ora/e fa) #20299696https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/89/9d/6f/899d6fa5287fac63a2dcd8f453d1d01f.png
Thank you!! (*゚▽゚*)
24 minuto/i fadiggadangdiggadang
wtf this still hasn't released!? I cancelled my preorder long time ago too lol
25 minuto/i faTayaTaya
OMG she's so cute! But figma prices are killing me lately... She doesn't come with many extra parts :(
26 minuto/i fashirokumashirokuma
Selling; new + sealed in box for $95 + shipping (I'm located in the US). One edge of the box was bent a bit. I'm also selling Maria. Please PM if interested!
29 minuto/i faMimiyo3Mimiyo3
Wanting to buy one if anyone is selling theirs since there's a new version coming out. List price or under please.
29 minuto/i faKyleCrossKyleCross
Bekh (2 giorno/i fa) #20202093Now i sculpted some cloth !

Great work! I say you have a good chance of winning. Tho one criticism I have is her chest size. Schierke's pretty flatchested.
30 minuto/i fa (29 minuto/i fa)ronnibun41ronnibun41
Nippon-yasan should have her up for pre-orders soon and you don't have to pay upfront; they have a pay later option. Hopefully they open up in the next hour before I go to sleep

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