24 secondi faSShirokazeSShirokaze
Selling for 7200yen + shipping
More on sale (mfc link)
26 secondi faZoroZoldyckZoroZoldyck
Woah just saw this at Amiami
Not a strong fan but damn this is good.

Koto being based like they are, making characters companies never touch, I love their figures <3
Will buy this soon
27 secondi faKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
If anyone is looking for a DDdy bodysuite (normal skin) you can PM me.

Accidently got one, even though I'm sure I ordered the regular version as it is the only model Volks JP has in stock -.-
3 minuto/i faiChelintaniChelintan
is it just me or this figure kept appearing in my notification...
5 minuto/i faLillinettixLillinettix
*gets a box instead of a ball*
Okay but it may just be because of the lighting :)
7 minuto/i faChrisiChrisi
Can anyone pls tell me approximately how much the head cost? (for future reference)
11 minuto/i faM-LinfaM-Linfa
They updated more pictures in different angles now, now the angle argument is not valid anymore
14 minuto/i faSythellriSythellri the Phoenix
Is it weird that my favorite part of this figure is her left legs design and color scheme?
16 minuto/i fa (15 minuto/i fa)Nintend0gNintend0g
I've voted for 2013's Nendoroid. :D
16 minuto/i faRabbitSansRabbitSans
Ohhh, I didn't know I'd like this one. It's so nice!
16 minuto/i faNintend0gNintend0g
What a cute kitty. :3
17 minuto/i faNintend0gNintend0g
Wow, this picture is so beautiful. <3
17 minuto/i fakrycelckrycelc
you're the first person i seen to only owned inshun and not order anything else from the series. your collection has nice taste.
17 minuto/i faNintend0gNintend0g
This picture is too cute. ;3;
17 minuto/i faNintend0gNintend0g
This is such a beautiful picture, wow. <3
17 minuto/i fa (16 minuto/i fa)Nintend0gNintend0g
Your setup is awesome, and I actually like your pink wall. ^_^
18 minuto/i faRevienRevien
Asce (8 ora/e fa) #17568068
I personally hope they don't change too much from the initial prototype, I liked the figure as it was already...

I doubt they will. Tsume said the issue was the White Beard cross, so we can expect to see that removed and different fire effects added.
18 minuto/i faagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
AshuriiKareshi (38 minuto/i fa) #17578320I agree, I think it's mainly just the angle and lighting that is making it look different. The hair does look less detailed but it may just be the lighting. Everyone should wait to either recieve there's or for users images before judging him because it's probably going to look a lot better in person.

Yeah it was like that with the Stronger Miku last year ( item #380217 ) the user photos and official ones made her hair look strange but in person its so much better and works perfectly with the figure. ♥
18 minuto/i faconcfconcf
I want it, if you dont want him anymore please pm me
20 minuto/i faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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