DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Character's ...DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Character's Selection - 1/7 (Native)

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    ¥17,593 convertire in USD
Made to order.

Height with cross is 26,5cm(265mm)
Pre-orders will come with a postcard illustrated by Honyarara.

Orders via Native can be placed between the 22nd April 2016 at 15:00JST to the 20th June 2016 at 19:00JST



© Native / Nitro+Chiral / Grizzry Panda / Honyarara

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3321 anno/i faKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
I've decided to unlock this thread but if I see any more ridiculous arguments, people will be banned. If another troll appears, alert the comment (or PM a member of staff) and don't reply to it.

Seriously, just don't.
3122 anno/i fayuuichisanyuuichisan
I saw Aoba

and then I saw Native


Time for my first Native figure

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02 ora/e faangelbottangelbott
yurirainbowz (3 ora/e fa) #20315263I just got him today~ I'm afraid to take him out of the box and assemble though. I'm so clumsy and might mess him up ;n;
That's okay. ;w; *pats*
02 ora/e faangelbottangelbott
I got email from MHtoyshop shipping him out yay. XD
03 ora/e fayurirainbowzyurirainbowz
I just got him today~ I'm afraid to take him out of the box and assemble though. I'm so clumsy and might mess him up ;n;
24 ora/e faPrinceMonochromePrinceMonochrome
I just got mine today. He's even more gorgeous in person.
06 ora/e faMariu-JMariu-J
Has anyone got their payment request from eye on Asia, yet???
16 ora/e faxxSokuxxxxSokuxx
He arrived today!! I had been worried after hearing and seeing so many bad reviews of him. But he is beautiful! I think I lucked out and got one of the better batches, because his bangs aren't terribly rounded, and I couldn't find any blotches or clumps of paint anywhere. Ahhh, I'm just so happy to own him! ♡
02 giorno/i fa (2 giorno/i fa)xxSokuxxxxSokuxx
misssi79 (2 giorno/i fa) #20169844Mhtoyshop just shipped him out! I can't wait !!! xD

I just got their email as well, I can't wait to finally have Aoba!!!! ♡
42 giorno/i famisssi79misssi79
Mhtoyshop just shipped him out! I can't wait !!! xD
03 giorno/i faangelbottangelbott
I paid second for MHtoyshop today yay. XD
05 giorno/i famhtoyshopmhtoyshop
In Stock @ MHToyShop.com ($189.99)
Product page - (ext link)

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