Card Captor Sakura - Kinomoto Sakura - 1/7 - Stars Bless You (Good Smile Company)

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as a sailor moon fan, im fucking jealous
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100% of chance this is gonna be me once POs are open:

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luz101 (3 ora/e fa) #27352509Someone from europe has the shipment with Colissimo or La Poste? my shipment takes 13 days in this state "Your parcel is ready to be shipped. It will be delivered soon to La Poste". I think it's taking too long.
Me, from nippon-yasan.com. After 7 days changed to "Your parcel is being shipped." and after 4 arrived to my home :)
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I'm a bit heart broken. Again.

So, my first base had a painting error on the back and I mailed GSC about it. They sent a new base. It arrived today and I was so happy to finaly have Sakura on a flawless base.

It just wasn't flawless, it has even more errors than the first one. The clear wing part on the front of base is off and goes straight where the moon in the base should be, making it cover the whole moon. The placement of the moon is also off so that it collides with Sakuras staff. Mailed GSC again, let's see what will happen...
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Someone from europe has the shipment with Colissimo or La Poste? my shipment takes 13 days in this state "Your parcel is ready to be shipped. It will be delivered soon to La Poste". I think it's taking too long.
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AnimeGirl1350 (4 giorno/i fa) #27165795If anyone look for a good price for this figure
It up on Mandarake
Thank you!

If you are looking to buy this from Mandarake at their 18,000 yen rate and are in the US, with shipping to California this was $250 with EMS shipping.

Looks like there is one left at this price: order.mandarake...
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My replacement Sakura finally came in yesterday! Her arm was bubble wrapped extra well and I finally managed to take her out of the whole box for the first time since getting her.


Does anyone know what they're going to do with their defect Sakuras? I was thinking that if I can manage to hot glue her arm back on the defunct one and touch it up a bit I can sell for next to nothing & list it as "Damaged" to someone who didn't get her from GSC and having troubles getting a replacement part. Although she also wouldn't come with the top of her crown piece since my replacement didn't come with one for some reason? I might just keep her in the end, I just don't have the room.

TheTsunami (1 giorno/i fa) #27308645The good news: received the replacement body today.
The bad news: she didn't come with the attachment for the top of her crown, and despite what the assembly instructions included in the original box say, the star attachment on the crown of the original body was NOT a removable peg. Now I have a non-broken body with a crown that has a hole at the top for the star to be inserted (but no such attachment) and a body with a broken arm and a crown with the star snapped off.
Attempting round 2 of correspondence with GSC.

I thought I was going crazy!! Mine also came without the star on her crown (seen in the above picture, but I just popped it off the defected Sakura and put it on the new one). I hope GSC helps you :(
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Got her from yesterday and I am so glad that she was not broken nor had any other mishaps! She is such a gorgeous figure and she was worth the wait (and the money)!
I bought her from nippon-yasan.com. Best figure in my collection, I'm so proud from her.
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In stock @ Anime NPC

Product Page: www.animenpc.co...

- FREE Shipping Worldwide -
- Order On Demand -
Selling her base only with slight paint damage/transfer(can be painted back or touched up) in the back without the moon and sun included other than that it's prestine and just like new, please pm if interested there is shipping since is so big and comes in original blister packaging.

Have no set price but willing to take reasonable offers shipping is not included in offered price and please no lowballing!

shipped from the US.

Thank you!

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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥23,046)

Brand New for ¥23,046
└ At our shop you are always a ★
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