Original Character - Succubus - 1/7 (Chara-Ani, ...Original Character - Succubus - 1/7 (Chara-Ani, Milestone)

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Chara-Ani Bonus: Extra Face part and arm picture #1726180 nsfw

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© Chara-Ani / Milestone / Blade / Yukky

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Waiting since a few days in my proxie's warehouse... O: (and I am waiting for other stuff to arrive in order to ship her)
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Snarkles (2 mese/i fa) #22431937How about shipping costs? What were they like? *mostly just curious, but it looks nice. +_+
Hmm well shipping from Chara to BiJ is free it says, so just the 500 yen forwarding fee + Fedex shipping that will probably be 2000-ish... so maybe 3k total tops. :o
02 mese/i faSnarklesSnarkles
xCommando (3 mese/i fa) #20795655Yar but they don't have the extra face/arm parts. I'm totally fine paying right away. :3
Thanks though!

How about shipping costs? What were they like? *mostly just curious, but it looks nice. +_+
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Gave in to the variant. Ordered via proxy.
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