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Hello Everyone!

To summarize myself I am hardcore anime collector. I collect different types of anime merchandise, but I mostly buy figures. I'm completely new to this site so I hope I can meet and get along with all the users here who has the same interest as I am. I love Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket. My favorite characters are Taiga Kagami and Daichi Sawamura.

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27taichi27 (1 mese/i fa) #20714977Hello I was wondering where you ordered this item item #574451?

Oh, I didn't buy it online. I bought one at Animate (Shibuya branch) a few months after it was released in 2013. And then the others I found at secondhand shops in Tokyo sometime last year or the year before. I'm just logging all the stuff I have belatedly. Sorry ><
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27taichi27 (2 mese/i fa) #20258780I see. It might just make you more recognizable here in MFC.

I'm not creative enough to come up with some of the nendoroid scenarios some people on here come up with. I would like to share my tapestry collection sometime - but I would have to get a place big enough to hang them all first because I have way too many.
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27taichi27 (2 mese/i fa) #20253294Yep it's cool. You should invite more friends here in MFC. I also notice you don't have any pictures of your collections yet.

Yeah, I don't take pictures of my stuff. I've never really felt inclined to.
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27taichi27 (2 mese/i fa) #20214243Well since your in my friends list I got a notification of your birthday.

That's cool, I didn't know MFC did that. It may also be because I only have 2 friends on MFC that I haven't gotten any such notifications yet. ahaha
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27taichi27 (2 mese/i fa) #20203556Happy Birthday.

Thanks! c: How did you know it was my birthday?

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