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ChibiZee (15 giorno/i fa) #24458634Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)

Thanks for having me!
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Thank you, Luluco and KLK are my favorites!
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added! and thank you! I'm much more active in twitter (@weedhaired), though I mostly get around Japanese materials there, feel free for anyone to drop a mention in English. C:

The majority of my followers and active interest group there are either Japanese sculptors, or freegame fandom(which introduced me to many obscure Japanese indie games including WATGBS, though my main fandom is Katatema circle, which known works are Irisu Syndrome and Murasaki), so I felt like having to force myself to use JP all the time xD

somehow reply button is missing, D:
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ChibiZee (18 giorno/i fa) #24354599
You should totally order the manga the art is adorable, I'm sure you will like them :) Ah I'm glad you enjoy funamusea's work enough to make sculptures! I'd really like to see them when finished! I love all the character designs aswell you should really check out their other game mogeko castle! mogekos are really cute~! (warning; kinda violent and sexual but the story was interesting!) I tried playing LiEat as well since I saw so many people playing it but just like you I was kinda bored. the story didnt really appeal to me. If you are looking to try out another game please try out undertale! the story and characters are fantastic :)

Ordered it! thank you for your responses!
I've been looking into Undertale for quite a while, I helped my lil brother buy the OST and I like them! but somehow feeling like I can't really be bothered about too serious RPG-esque combat gameplay ;w; I will definitely check other funamusea's games too, seems like they know a winning formula for an extremely apathetic person like me and pulled out all the feels, they made Sal's evil and Wadda's innocence so real, that made the disturbing designs and sets that seemed unlikely for me to be perturbed, to be felt actually disturbing ;A;
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ChibiZee (18 giorno/i fa) #24345232Hey! The 2 volumes are the complete manga but it does not tell the whole story from the game. From what I've heard/seen depending where you are located that they will release an english translated manga in 1 big volume.
(im not to happy about how the manga ended halfway of the game but if funamusea is planning to countinue it so my precious sal will have his spotlight, I look forward to it)
I own the jpn ver so not looking to buy translation copy since I played the game aswell and can understand what is happening. I mainly keep it around to enjoy the art. haha~ I think it's best if you wait so you can read the english manga and avoid proxy.

well, my address has good history with BookDepository, It's even cheaper to buy the currently available 1+2 vol of the English from there, but I'm a Japanese language learner so I felt a bit in vain to buy the EN version(although I also want EN-ver because translation comparison),

I have no problem then to buy current 1+2 vols if there is only going to be a possible new publication some time much later, not soon-ish, also, my proxy is a small importer of various Japanese goods which I've been a customer for 7 years, though they're rather putting minor effort on proxy, very fast, very reliable,maybe a bit expensive. for one time, they provided really affordable polymer clay and other figuremaking mediums, they still have few affordable Japanese air dry clay often used by Japanese sculptors.

I plan to make Wadanohara and some others figures, the character designs are just so darn cuuuuuuuute <3 I'm a new fan, but damn, I never expected to get hooked on everything, RPGMaker game was really the least on playability list of mine, WATGBS is the first that I completed and got hooked into. LiEat was the first try, and I was quickly put off in the first minutes, despite the beautiful sprites. D':

god, I've asked funamusea directly on their twitter, and even seven-seas publishing for that question (´;ω;`)

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