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I'm currently studying. In the endless pursuit of Japanese culture, which i have been interested in since young, i have ventured into cosplay, photography and, most recently, anime figures/merchandise!

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01 anno/i faRenaiCirculationRenaiCirculation
Might also be interested in your Karen too!
01 anno/i faRenaiCirculationRenaiCirculation
Hi were you still selling your Saber Motor Cuirassier?
02 anno/i faKuronekoKuroneko
Are you still selling Junko?
02 anno/i faeliseobeltraneliseobeltran
Are items in your collection still available?
03 anno/i fatidalforgetidalforge
Hi, i'm interested in purchasing your 7th dragon samurai figure, pm'd you already.

Singapore buyer by the way, hope to hear from you soon!

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