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I'm somewhat of a dedicated collector of Nendoroids and figma! I don't have very many right now, but then again I've basically just started! I will sometimes snap a few quick pictures of scenery, figures, etc. just to calm me down, so I hope my pictures will help you as much as they help me!

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Elty (13 giorno/i fa) #21978599Thank you for the friend request! :D
thank you for accepting it! your nendo collection is really cute ^^
12 mese/i faacidalchemistacidalchemist
Happy Birthday!!!
12 mese/i faConuresansConuresans
Happy birthday! :0
12 mese/i faharukaaharukaa
Happy Birthday ✿~
03 mese/i faacidalchemistacidalchemist
Thanks for the friend request! :)

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