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♥ Hi! ♥
In 2012, I began reading manga and collects them (my goal is to have a library with works that I love. I sell those who do not like enough).
Currently, I own 610 volumes.
In 2013, I discovered the vocaloids with the video game Project diva f on PS Vita. I really loved the game and the music so I started to do research on youtube. I immediately loved it!
Since then, I collect CDs of my favourite composers (Papiyon, Deco * 27, Wowaka, Orangestar, Livetune, Keeno,...) and of IA (I have them almost all).


In 2017, I discovered Love live! Sunshine!! and I became a fan of Aqours. I love the music! It gives me courage and cheers me up!
I collect CDs, fanbooks/artbooks, the anime on Blu-ray and merchandise from Riko Sakurauchi.
♥♥♥ She is my best girl. ^^ ♥♥♥
I love everything about her : her personality, her cute face, her long hair, her expressions, her voice...


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02 mese/i fachibikarlachibikarla
IA (2 mese/i fa) #21801553Thank you very much! :-)
You are very welcome! :')
02 mese/i fachibikarlachibikarla
Hope you have had a great birthday! :)
03 mese/i faCuradoCurado
IA (3 mese/i fa) #20741522Happy birthday !
02 anno/i fajujukazujujukazu
IA (2 anno/i fa) #2882760Joyeux anniversaire !!!
Merci! :D

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