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Just an average idiot into toys, praying for Fairy Tail figures lol

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Thank you ^^
Ir1sh69 (1 mese/i fa) #21015720Happy Birthday
02 mese/i faMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Ir1sh69 (2 mese/i fa) #20113532Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy it with those close to you and get some sweet figures!Thank you very much! I'm hoping to be able to treat myself to a figure if it's in the cards :)
02 mese/i fatears4dragonstears4dragons
Ir1sh69 (2 mese/i fa) #20364038Happy Birthday!

Thank you!
03 mese/i famomo-chimomo-chi
Thanks! C: Ir1sh69 (3 mese/i fa) #19103531Happy Birthday
03 mese/i faPrismVoicePrismVoice
Ir1sh69 (3 mese/i fa) #18810851Happy Birthday!

:) Thanks so much!

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