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Jenthehen (4 mese/i fa) #23643012Oh my goodness! Twins are terrifying to me!!
It's pretty terrifying to me sometimes, they are a TON of work lol.
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Jenthehen (5 mese/i fa) #22533416It's a boy (I found out from the genetic / chromosome blood test they do pretty regularly now!) I didn't really care either way, but I'm kind of relieved we'll get to reuse all the same "boy" stuff and no one will feel compelled to go overboard with frills and pink! I'm the only female in my house forever, though - husband, 2 sons, male cat, lol!Never heard of those test, haha xP. Well, in that sense it is better to have another boy considering you already have a good amount of toys and clothes for boys. And since they grow up so fast, they barely get to use any clothes, right? I'm sure you have a shirt or 2 with its price tag still intact xP.

I'm on the other side of the spectrum. I'm the only boy in my house. There's my wife, my 2 girls and my mom. Max the tortoise is the other male around... but it is a wise turtle and stays hidden must of the time. I have no such luck =3=...
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Jenthehen (5 mese/i fa) #22515022Thanks! I agree! We're currently working on potty training my 2 1/2 year old, lol!Ohhh, good luck with that! You'll save tons of money once he stops using diapers... until you have to get diapers for the new baby, haha! Do you already know if is gonna be a boy or a girl? I bet you want a girl ;P.
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Hey there! Sorry for being nosy, but I read in a blog post that you're expecting your 2nd child. Congratulations!

Being a parent is such a great and blessed experience. It does test your humanity at times but, even though I still believe I'm far from being the dad I want for my girls, I wanna do everything in my hands and beyond to make my family happy.

Otakuparents FTW! XD
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Hello, just thought I should let you know that Homura arrived today in immaculate condition! :) Thank you very much!
7 mese/i fa
No problem! It's really refreshing to see a figure collector in their 30s, since as soon as I hit 27 and was looking 30 in the eye I started to feel a little insecure about my choice of hobbies, which is strange considering that's usually around the age when you actually have money for figures. Keep on chugging!
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Hey there~ I won your Homura on Ebay, but didn't realize you had an MFC account until I went to add her to ordered and saw your post! So I just wanted to say you have a very nice collection. :) Love your Sonicos ❤
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Jenthehen (9 mese/i fa) #18751711Yikes about NY - I'd heard that many years in the past they had issues with bootlegs, but I thought they were ok now! I've only used them for in stock last minute oh crap I missed preorders ... although their shipping does seem suspiciously expensive compared to other sites (and I've heard of them asking for more $$ after preorders arrive ...)

Yep, unfortunately the issues still persist even to today. Their shipping is ridiculously expensive too, they inflate the shipping prices. They also do ask for more money after pre-orders arrive, I heard of one customer being asked for like $70 more in shipping. They even have it written in the Terms of Service that they're allowed to ask you for more shipping.

I was really, really disappointed with how bad their customer service is, and also disappointed that I didn't see people speaking out before I bought with them. Knowing what I do now, I would have opted for another place to buy. :(
9 mese/i fa
Jenthehen (10 mese/i fa) #18288706Not sure if this is appropriate, but it would be fantastic if your website had a "wish list" function (to save items to buy later)! :)Hello, and thank you for the feedback! We'll certainly keep that in mind as we continue improving our website features.
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