KashyKashy Collecting figures made me a vegan (not by choice).

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[I also ordered Myethos 1/8 Seele Vollerei - Well, you won't see her here in MFC]

I started collecting figures since Dec 2012 and I remember getting a figure I'm really interested in and told myself "I'm only getting this one and that's it". Oh boy, one does not simply buy a figure and be done with it. Look at what I've done.

I'm currently trapped in between idol hell and shipgirl hell. I'm "somehow" holding back in buying figures nowadays (My PO'd figures finally went down from 50+ to less than 30, an achievement I'm so proud of LOL). Probably because I'm now more focused in playing video games and hanging out with friends (can't believe it's possible for me to do both lol) but I still don't see myself stopping from ordering anytime soon.

P.S. I just realized I haven't really said anything about myself that much, I basically just told you guys a story on how my wallet started giving me a middle finger LOL.

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013 giorno/i fafranjandarfranjandar
Kashy (13 giorno/i fa) #26629505Ah that exclusive one. I do hope you get her someday, not sure if the price will ever go down since it's exclusive but who knows. There are lots of good figures coming this year compared to previous ones, I too missed a lot of good ones not just because of money but also space for display.
Actaully I just ordered her on Anime NPC, she was the cheapest I could find her at plus free shipping to everywhere, a pretty descent dea' actaully compared to Archonia who sold her for over 200 euro's...
Either way I unfortunately don't have thr lack of dpace problem, so I kind of just order things even though sometimes I shouldn't.
014 giorno/i fafranjandarfranjandar
Kashy (14 giorno/i fa) #26619566Haha, yeah. I even replied to one of your queries before, not realizing it was you.
Ah that's pretty funny XD I probably also didnlt realize it was you either, might I say that I love your collection especially your Utaha Kimono figure that you have on pre order is something I am jealous of :P I actaully really want her but I don't have the money (¯―¯٥)
014 giorno/i fafranjandarfranjandar
Kashy (14 giorno/i fa) #26616103Hey ya! I'm good! Good to see you here. Silly me, I feel so ignorant for not realizing you've been posting almost in every figure page I'd visited LOL! Nice meeting you here and hope to see you in the next streams!
It's good to see you here as well :D and really? I guess we have similair tastes in figures XD I also hope I'll see you in the next stream!
015 giorno/i fafranjandarfranjandar
Yo! UMI DAH! How are you? This is Fa Jandar, froom the streams :D
02 anno/i faAbicionAbicion
Nice Madokas.

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