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Updated July 10th 2017
Still swamped with Now positively drowning in too many Nendoroid customs. Waiting on parts (endlessly.)

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Making a futile effort to finish Downright abandoned Record of Agarest War. On hard mode. fml

I spend a lot of time on mfc lately, so if you wanna chat I'm all ears! ^_^ Been playing with nendoroids quite often, swapping, re-arranging, and even a little custom work. I'm still learning (often by trial and a lot of errors!) but its been a lot of fun! <3

Sadly this means I'm neglecting my bjd collection, but just for now. Been playing Fate/Extra again, I want to at least finish Saber's playthrough and then get going on Fate/Extella. :D

I'm kind of into Gawain right now lololol


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010 giorno/i farozellerozelle
Lehst (11 giorno/i fa) #23322659lol yeah, it's cool when you see the same users on your favorite fandoms. There's a fair few I see on all the nendoroid stuff.
and here's hoping we find more cuties!! xD

nendoroids for the win \o/

I hope we do find more!! :D
111 giorno/i farozellerozelle
Lehst (11 giorno/i fa) #23321967Hi! fellow DC fan <3
haha, thanks for visiting my profile, but I see a lot of cuties on your collection too! And we share some of the same wishlist- we're still waiting for the DC nendo prototypes but I wish for Haibara, Kid, Ran and anyone else they'd make! (I wish we'd see the Metro police like Takagi and Megure, etc, in anything lol!) Plus more Bungou Stray Dogs would be good! <3
and yeah, that's Yato and Hiyori! I ended up with Yato's hair sort of by accident and it just went from there lol. I adore Yukine too, but haven't anything to make him (yet? :o dunno!) I'm glad you like them. ^^

Thank you for accepting the FR comrade! <3 Also it's only natural! I noticed you are mostly on comments of merch I look for too haha :D Also thank you! I hope to expand them when I graduate. I'm excited! For now, I just focus on nendoroids because they're fun to swap and play with :3 And hahaha yesss, our endless wishlist! Glad to have someone who shares a lot in common :)

Also omg I'd really love to have Haibara, Ran, and Kid too! As well as the Metro Police crew. :o I hope they continue to make more. Hyped to see what will be announced on Summer Wonfes (I can't believe it's July now). Hnggg yes we need Bungou Stray Dogs! I'm surprised they didn't announce more during Winter wonfes. Dazai and Chuuya sold well :o And the anime was a great watch! Maybe when the movie airs?

That's a beautiful accident LOL. Yes, I love how they turned out! I hope you find a Yukine custom someday too <3
111 giorno/i farozellerozelle
Hi! Your collection is absolutely wonderful :o Especially the nendoroid and BJDs. The dream! Also glad to see more Detective Conan fans here too btw :D (Tfw waiting forever for nendoroid prototypes).

I could be wrong but is that Hiyori and Yato on your nendoroid custom photo? So adorable! *_*

p.s. I hope you don't mind the FR! :)
018 giorno/i faValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Glad you liked! Just how did you find my blog anyway? That thing is old haha
126 giorno/i faWBoredom36WBoredom36
Lehst (26 giorno/i fa) #22638088Lol I just noticed I wrote Lucina backwards xDDD.
Anyways I think its super cool you collect D.Conan. Good luck getting True Criminal! I was so swamped with PO this month I thought I would have to cancel mine, but the first Criminal is just too fun to do stupid poses with, I knew I'd regret it. I hope you post a photo of your D.C scales when they are all home. I would love to see them all together.
I see a few posts here and there asking for Masami Sera. Unfortunately I haven't met her yet! but I think I saw a spoiler about her. Right now I'm on the episodes where Okiya and the oddly silent Akai have showed up. I'm pretty sure I know what's happening but I'll just have to keep watching to find out! I dont even know who Amuro is since he hasn't appeared but again, I have a guess! lol I bought tons of D.C keychains before getting caught up too. It's weird having merch of people you don't know yet. You motivated me to start watching again tho! :D (oh and please don't send any spoilers my way! xD)
Anyways, happy collecting~! Hit me up whenever if you wanna chat. ^^
I'm not much of a spoilers persona haha. But you're at a good point in the anime! Just keep watching :3

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