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"A gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved."

My name is Pahsmina, goes under Pahsy for short. I'm a walking mistake and fans too much over puzzle games.
I mainly focus on collecting Professor Layton related merch, hoping that I one day can have an as complete collection as possible. I'll probably not be able to but it's good to have ambitions I guess!

Except for Layton I love a ton of random things. Currently very into Ensemble Stars! cause boy Nazuna is my son.

Please don't send FR on random! I'll gladly make friends but please talk to me before you send one, thank you in advance. ♥

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11 mese/i faMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)

Have some beautiful flowers from some beautiful baby boys! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)
(If you'd prefer this over facebook then by all means let me know for next year bc I don't want to spam you on here lmao)
01 mese/i fa (1 mese/i fa)MemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Pahsmina (1 mese/i fa) #25584335SUPER DUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN ❤❤❤
This put such a big smile on my face! ;; <3 (my lovely children aaah)
Thanks darl, I hope you're doing alright! \o/
12 mese/i faMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Pahsmina (2 mese/i fa) #23874231Hello my dear, I hope you are fine! <3

Aww, that's so sweet of you! (❁´◡`❁) I'm super, just busy with Uni with no end in sight /rip haha. How about you bb! Sincerely hoping you're doing alright as well! (ꈍᴗꈍ)
16 mese/i faMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Pahsmina (6 mese/i fa) #19669492It's been an awfully long while since we talked, but I hope you are fine and Happy Easter dear!! (*‘∀‘)
Babe ;; That's true and it's a shame! ;; I'm really well thx & hope that you are too?? ><" ♥ Thank you, to you & your family too :)) and I love your "new" icon ahaha (not really new anymore is it haha)
07 mese/i faSchana_otakuSchana_otaku
Beautiful collection!!! I love it *A* Do you have a Instagram?

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