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«--They beg me to write them so they'll never die when I'm dead.»
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There really isn't much to say about me.
I'm a socially akward nerd who's been collecting anime/comic figures and BJDs since the early 2000s.
I like to make shrines & have no regrets.

Recently my figure collecting has turned mostly to making custom Nendoroids of my OCs...

I love customising them, or as the BF calls it, nendo murdering. Ku ku ku~

I will ramble endlessly about things I love...
Though I apologise in advance if I just stop replying/being slow to reply-sometimes I forget how to human.
My spirit animal is a bunny boy named Deiridh - he's cute, and fluffy, and wields a big arse magical scythe.
Need I say more?
I am an admin for the Let's Split Nendoroids! Club & the Group Orders! Club.
If you have any queries or concerns regarding the club, feel free to PM me or leave a comment.
If you would like to join either club, please kindly read all the rules and then comment on the club's comment page.

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Tesla Coils, Vocaloid-- much too many things to list. Music is love.
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