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03 mese/i faTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
Ty for the bday wishes!!
05 mese/i faTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
ShirohigePops (5 mese/i fa) #19902691i got that figure for free and actually don't like him before the timeskip lol, i do like how he looks after the timeskip though.

OH. :' > My baddd. He looks cool to me in both but yeah he prob does look a little cooler in the time skip.
05 mese/i faTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
You like Killer? -Sees your Killer figure-
08 mese/i faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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