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Hey there! My name's Cassie. I'm a super awkward, super huge loser. I've been watching anime almost my entire life now, and the obsession is real. I also read a lot of manga (shoujo is my guilty pleasure). Lately I've been especially into rubber straps, clear files, keychains, and other knick-knacks and goods.

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09 mese/i faNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
Hello. Did you get your items from the Movic Split?
010 mese/i faChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Who is they and why are they saying "moop?" :3
01 anno/i faeinonymouseinonymous
Is shiro no longer available?
01 anno/i fa (1 anno/i fa)Luka-nyanLuka-nyan
TheySayMoop (1 anno/i fa) #3294435Haha. I thought about putting him at the top, but figured I should save the best for last (>_<)

Haha well it totally caught me off guard xD so it was perfect, thx for accepting my FR ^^ it's nice to meet you! I like your bio :3 I still need to write stuff on mine haha but too busy procrastinating lol.. Lately, I have also have been super into collecting not only figures but lolita clothes (Bodyline's sale items are like all I can afford at the moment xD and yay for free shipping too! not anymore but shipping seems pretty cheap) They changed their website look from b4, just checked, and it suprised me haha o.o I don't know how I feel about it yet... I also love collecting rubber straps, clear files, keychains, and other goodies. There is just too much good merch out there!!
21 anno/i fa (1 anno/i fa)Luka-nyanLuka-nyan
Lol the Shrek at the end of 'Luffs' gave me a good laugh x'D

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