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Just a Scottish collector and fledgling YouTuber.

I'll buy basically anything if it has Armin Arlert on it. He was the start of my collection, and is basically still the centre of it.


Avatar is a cropped version of a piece of Armin art that I commissioned from Bambz-Art [ext link ]

by Saurys

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028 giorno/i faebeuisebeuis
Hello, I was wondering if you were still splitting Nendo No.153 from this thread? I'm interested in the eyes closed/annoyed faceplate if it's still available. Thank you so much!
01 mese/i fazannieslszanniesls
Hey, I was wondering if you're still selling Sugawara's DXF Figure?? :)
02 mese/i faPolarFoxPolarFox
Hey, it's really nice to see fellow Armin fan! :3 I wonder though, how did you manage to find and collect so much Armin merch? It seems really hard to even find anywhere...
03 mese/i faT_ReinaT_Reina
Titan_Scientist (3 mese/i fa) #21903182The YuYuYu game is out!

I'm playing it! But my phone has quite a lot of issues with it like not sensing me when I move my girls, etc. :(
03 mese/i faSusanoo14Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
Titan_Scientist (3 mese/i fa) #21728912OH MY GOSH!

Titan_Scientist (3 mese/i fa) #21723496I absolutely LOVE that first clear file. I remember once the wall scroll version was on Mandarake, and I wanted it so much, but shipping was over 4k. :'( Tha suits clear file is really pretty.
Yeah, most stuff is the same although we are missing one bit, and we have been a bit early:
View spoilerHide spoilerwe still haven't seen the part of the conversation about how Armin thinks that the titans inside the walls will go for a walk, and I'll be unimpressed if we never get it because (a) it turns out that's actually what they're for and (b) Jean/Armin hair ruffling! So far the biggest change so far as been us seeing a glimpse of Marco's death (and according to an interview with Isayama, the main reason we even saw his death in the manga is because the studio wanted to know how he died.) Oh, and it looks like we're getting a glimpse of young Ymir this week.

Ahh sorry for the late reply!

View spoilerHide spoilerThe last two episodes have been so good?? I didn't think that the part with Ymir's past was covered until a lot later in the manga though (but like I said, it has been a while since I've read it lol). I loved the song playing when Ymir recovered her human form ;____; Definitely gained lots of love for Ymir this season. Also, kind of almost started to cry when Hannes talks about saving Eren no matter what T____T I'M NOT READY FOR THIS TO END


I didn't realize there was a wall scroll with that artwork! Shipping sure is a killer on items like that though.
I really hope you get your Jean & Armin hair ruffling moment at some point! Whaaat Marco's death was originally not supposed to be included?? I'm glad it got some acknowledgement then.. Poor Marco ToT

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