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I have 750+ artbooks, 250+ figures, 100+ LE games, and a ton of other merchandise. Sadly most of my stuff is not listed on MFC.

My main passions are: artbooks, sukumizu figures/merchandise, adult figures, and adult games.

Adult figures are my latest obsession. I display all of my figures nude if possible. My house is NOT kid- or prude-friendly and I want it to stay that way. It baffles me how people can own cast-off figures but keep them covered up! I have a particular liking for some of the more lecherous figures, like from Giga Pulse. Companies like this give no fucks about censorship or toning things down for the sake of modesty.

I am especially attracted to figures with fully-rendered labia/vagina ("MOLO" as Moeyo calls it). I find it offensive when this area of the body is glossed over. It is part of the reason I left the BJD hobby. I will make exceptions for some figures, especially fully nude/cast-off figures. The larger the scale, the better. Figures that can only go topless are disappointing to me. It feels cheap and incomplete.

I have recently gotten into makaizou figures. These satisfy my desire for truly nude figures as they tend to be explicitly detailed. Quite frankly most Japanese PVC figures designed to be fully detailed just aren't good enough. Genuine makaizou can be extremely expensive, so I've turned mostly to Chinese resin garage kits. Several of the figures in my Owned and Ordered lists are actually these modified versions:

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1/2.5 scale Kirino Kousaka ITEM #190392
1/8 scale Kanetsugu Naoe ITEM #96896
1/6 scale Saber Alter ITEM #144297
1/4 scale Lingyin Huang ITEM #198440
1/5.5 scale Natsuha Sawai ITEM #283850
1/6 scale Rie Kawai ITEM #236493
1/7 scale Manaka Komaki ITEM #46866
1/4 scale Rie Kawai ITEM #297159
1/4 scale Charlotte Dunois ITEM #331635
1/4.5 scale Rias Gremory ITEM #167302
1/6 scale Super Sonico ITEM #75284
1/4 scale Eleonora Viltaria ITEM #287885
1/4 scale Kan'u Unchou ITEM #22867
1/4 scale Index ITEM #287934
1/4 scale Isoroku Yamamoto ITEM #181970
1/7 scale Rias Gremory ITEM #236636
1/7 scale Rias Gremory ITEM #99064 (Genuine PVC)
1/4 scale Percival ITEM #167036
1/4 scale Kuroko Shirai ITEM #135060
1/7 scale Saber Alter ITEM #363374
1/7 scale Tomoka Minato ITEM #198608
1/7 scale Alisa Ilinichina Amiella ITEM #78917
1/6 scale Eriri Spencer Sawamura ITEM #327436
1/4 scale Koneko Toujou ITEM #331693
1/4 scale Miu Takanashi ITEM #144373
1/4 scale Lamia Loveless ITEM #87067
?/? scale Saber ITEM #363373

1/4 scale Lingyin Huang ITEM #198440 (sold)
1/4 scale Rana Linchen ITEM #79695 (sold)
1/7 scale Muramasa Sansei ITEM #166002 (Genuine PVC, sold)

As for the sukumizu, this has been an obsession of mine for quite some time and I actively collect all kinds of merchandise featuring this particular type of swimsuit. I am also rather strict about the style of sukumizu I collect. It has to be either the "Old" or the "Very-Old" style with the skirt/drainage front. I am mostly interested in classic navy but will occasionally accept white. No other color, no racing stripes, no newer styles.

Though figures has currently taken priority, artbooks is my most extensive collection and I always fall back to it. My husband custom-built me a bookcase because I could not find one big enough to suit my needs. I am mostly interested in modern moe art styles; I am not fond of older anime artwork. I have so many books that I sometimes forget which ones I actually own, and have to reference my own inventory documents. I also have no choice but to sell or give away a portion of my collection from time-to-time because I literally run out of room!

My LE games collection consists mainly of PC games. Most are eroge, but I also have a weakness for European games. While I am a gamer, when it comes to buying limited edition versions of games, I am really only interested in the goodies that come with it. Artbooks and figures of course, bed sheets, pillow covers, tapestries, towels, posters, plushies, clocks, mouse pads, photo frames, mugs, paper knife swords, music CDs, drama CDs, shitajiki, cards, calendars, keychains, maps, t-shirts, I love physical items like these as opposed to digital privileges. I have all kinds of fun stuff to dig through in just this one part of my hobby room alone.
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Whoa! Your collection is impressive! Lot of nice makaizou figures, games, decorations.
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Venetica (4 mese/i fa) #24269244Hi! Thank you very much. In my experience eroge and doujinshi are very difficult to get rid of. Most of my unwanted stuff ends up going to a friend of mine. Otherwise there are always selling platforms. I don't recommend eBay because it truly sucks for sellers these days. But I know there are groups on reddit, LiveJournal and FaceBook specifically for selling this kind of stuff. If the item has an entry here, you could of course sell it through MFC too. I notice many people bypass the restrictions put on listing items for sale by just posting in the comments that they are selling and it seems to be effective. Anyway I hope I could help :)Thanks for your reply. I'm also not a fan of selling through eBay nowadays. I remember the old days when you can get away with selling anything on eBay very easily. How times change. :/ It's good you have someone to give that stuff to; no such person on this end! B/S/T groups are hard to find and I'm wary of them too. ^^; Looks like I'll just have to be very patient! XD
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Hello! Was passing by and admiring your collection. Your dedication to old-school sukumizu is impressive! Main reason I'm posting is to ask how you get rid of your unwanted eroge and doujinshi. I have some that I'm no longer interested in but I don't want to just throw them away (it's a waste!). ^^; Any advice you can give is appreciated (dogeza!). FYI, I'm also in USA.
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i kind of just want to hang out at your house and look at all your 18+ stuff and i feel like you get that a lot, but i feel like you live in some kind of eroge museum. A+.
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i am very impressed reading about your artbook collection! sounds very wonderful. i usually only collect artbooks of manga series i am obsessed with, but if i could i'd have much more, considering how much i enjoy looking through them all the time. i got my first artbook in 2006 it was the Pita-Ten artbook!

also you have lots of pictures, i'm curious if you posted any pictures of your hobby room/artbook shelf? i love seeing photos of hobby rooms in general, and i can only imagine how cool yours would look!
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Venetica (1 anno/i fa) #14518733Hi Vomitous. I've noticed that you have been rating quite a few of my photos as 4/5 stars. Is there anything I can do to improve them? A lot of time and effort goes into taking so many photos of my figures and it's pretty discouraging to see that. I would really appreciate some feedback, thanks.

To start with I don't think there's anything wrong with 4/5 stars, if I rated it that high then I think it was pretty good. I think there's a tendency of people to rate things either 1 star or 5 star in 5 star systems, I really only press 5 for things that completely blow me away or are framed amazingly well or something like that. Most pictures I take myself are probably 3/5 or worse.. so much so that I don't really post anything here because it seems like I'm not bringing anything new or worthwhile to the table. The only ones I did post were phone camera shots of shipping damage so I could whine about SAL a little bit.

Here are some things I'd consider important in a shot:
Subject matter - If the figure is in or out of focus, or the shot is grainy
Setting - Some people come up with elaborate setups for their shots, I can't help but give them some mental points for this, although a well lit shot with a plain background can be good too
Lighting - There are times when shadows cast across a figure can have a great effect, but not usually. Most of the time bad lighting is involved it's like 'this photo was obviously taken with someone's camera phone flash and looks lousy'

1/5 - I rarely rate things 1/5 because I can tell by the thumbnail it's so terrible I don't even look at it
2/5 - Sometimes you can tell what was going on or what they were trying for, but it didn't come out well
3/5 - The average of all shots across MFC(in my head, anyway.) I look at it and say 'yep, that's the figure'
4/5 - Really well done in at least one way, and covered all the basics(lighting, focus) well.
5/5 - Amazing picture. A well framed shot with an elaborate setup, sometimes I feel bad for them about the amount of effort that must be involved. Sometimes simple shots can be 5/5 if the photo really captures the feeling that the sculptors/artists had in mind with the figure.

I'm sorry that you see 4/5 as a slight, but to me that means they are good or very good photos. I realize that most people are just pressing 5 stars on anything they like even a little bit, but I like to try to treat things more broadly against the range of ratings available. I'm just a guy pressing buttons in my phone app when I'm bored at the end of the day, sometimes my mood might make a rating vary by a star in either direction. I can avoid rating your photos in the future if you don't feel like this is a fair way of appraising things. Sorry for the late response.

Edit: In retrospect I've stopped rating anything on the site anything other than 5/5, so I just barely rate anything anymore. Nobody gets mad that way.
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