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Hi everybody, welcome on my page!

I'm a French girl who started collecting in 2010. As you can see, my tastes tend to be eclectic, I like figures, books, as well as various goods. Bit by bit my collection is spreading over my apartment and that's what I enjoy the most.

As characters, I like Misty, Sakuya, Rick, Xiao Mei and Altina from the Shining series, Ai Enma from Jigoku Shoujo, Noel and Rachel from Blazblue, Ritsu and Azusa from K-On!, Shiki and Akira from Togainu no Chi and "Aoba-tachi" from Dramatical Murder.
But my favorite characters are Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund and Al Azif, the incarnation of the magic book, Necronomicon!

Though I like the artists published by Art Jeuness, my favorite illustrator is Tony! I'm really fan of his work... but I don't like when it comes too explicite (his hentai doujinshi for instance). That's why I'm hunting all the Shining and T2 figures or merchandise I love.

Secondarily I want to get more male figures whatever the manufacturer is. And now, I'm also in Nendos because of the Touken Ranbu guys!

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017 ora/e fa (17 ora/e fa)SbabSbab
alazif03 (20 ora/e fa) #22600672View spoilerHide spoilerLa canicule m'a aussi mise sur les rotules. Des mauvaises nouvelles? rien de trop grave j'espère. Courage pour la semaine qui vient. Tu auras peut-être la figurine.
J'ai ouvert item #464702 en milieu de semaine. L'assemblage a pris un peu de temps, mais elle est vraiment très belle. Je n'ai pas grand-chose à redire, Koto a fait du très bon boulot. Sur bien des points, la qualité est meilleure que celle de Daisy item #153069. Beaucoup ont cru que Ai était en fait une Miku et quand on voit la RC 2017, on ne peut pas trop le leur reprocher. Sa tenue pourrait d'ailleurs convenir à une RQ... En fait, sur les 5 designs "Fairy Garden" devenus figurines (Daisy, Annabel item #235633, Freesia item #292975 et Aigan item #457057, je trouve que celui d'Ai est le plus abouti. J'aime bien les couettes et le Ahoge en forme de trompe de papillon. Pareil pour le dessin des ailes qui rappelle des circuits électroniques - parfait pour Ai on Line. J'attends Aigan de pieds fermes maintenant (sa tenue me fait trop craquer)! Comme je l'ai groupée avec Cyan item #464733, je vais devoir patienter un peu plus, mais ça ne sera sûrement pas aussi long que pour Mio!

Eh bien je viens tout juste d'enterrer un de mes chats cet après-midi, que j'ai vu dépérir en un temps record d'un lymphome diagnostiqué en début de semaine. A cela s'ajoute la situation financière: frais de véto de près de 500€ depuis 3 semaines, déplacement à avancer pour le boulot puisque je viens d'apprendre qu'avec leur système de paie je n'aurais rien avant fin juillet (et encore, ce sera une paie incomplète), les factures qui arrivent... Bref, tu vois le topo, ça sent pas vraiment le bouquet de fleurs tout ça :/

J'attend encore ma figurine, et c'est peut-être mieux, j'aurais pas pu en profiter vu la situation cette semaine. Je sais pas si ça va un peu me faire plaisir quand elle arrivera, en fait je sais même pas si je vais l'ouvrir tout de suite ou attendre d'être un peu plus "stabilisé" pour mieux l'apprécier. Finalement, en ce moment je sais plus grand chose...
01 giorno/i faSbabSbab
alazif03 (1 giorno/i fa) #22547771Alors, comment s'est passé cette première semaine de travail?
Epuisante physiquement à cause de la chaleur des derniers jours, et épuisante moralement à cause des mauvaises nouvelles qui se sont accumulées... mais bon, faut s'accrocher ^^'
05 giorno/i faChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
alazif03 (5 giorno/i fa) #22391331Oh, what you said is worrying me, I didn't ask for repacking... Up until now they used to lower the value without problem, but if they changed that'll be really annoying. Guess I'll have to reconsider going with them next time.
I hope you'll get Makoto. And yeah, somehow I don't understand why Rachel is so expensive, I don't like her in fact. Makoto is ok though her face looks a bit weird to me (like she's very surprised or something)... In the end, Kokonoe is my fav BB fig from FREEing. What do you think of item #549459? Interesting right? But with Broccoli it'll be pricey.
I use a delicate program for washing my Dakis and it doesn't seem to damage the material or the print. I didn't know there are Dakis in cotton.

I think you got the wrong ideaof a receipt. They declare lower value on the box yes, but the original receipt from surugaya will show the right amounts and they refuse to remove that receipt. So yeah if customs is checking yur package and seesthe receipt.. you get a big fine so yeah big risk.

Oh i wash them on 40 :) so far no problems but then again i dont wash em that often since they look prestine and dont smell.

Well that face of makoto yeah i agree but can live with it asit suits her character veing so surprised :)

Hmm i like Mu-12 grey ver a lot from freeinf but i guess kokonoe might be better if i actually own her. O just find the pose of mu-12 breaktakint tho altere ver is better wuality wise i want it but its so expensive so i plan to buy her if shesthere on my trip to japan :D or else kokonoe

Hmm broccoli isnt THAT overly expensive but we shall see. He looks awesome :) so price will determine if i po him or not as 13k plus shipping for example is too much for me.. which is likely
06 giorno/i faChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
alazif03 (6 giorno/i fa) #22358954I know for FJ basic plan, but I wanted to order the Daki right away and I can choose SAL shipping with BiJ whereas FJ doesn't offer this method for orders over 6k. It depends on what I order whether I choose FJ or BiJ.
Ragna's Daki has been released recently so it's probably unused. And I always wash my Dakis unless I buy them new. Now that I'm using them every day -or night- I'd like to have some. I don't want them to get damaged if I wash them too frequently. But I need to slow down a bit...
Yeah, it seems that Kokonoe's following Rachel and Makoto's path. Too bad BiJ canceled your order when she has been released! Do you still want her though?

Oh they dont? I forgot luckily my order was below anyways ^^" i just dont like BiJ anymore as their service isterrible.. they dont even want to remove the receipt unless i pay for repack service.. so yeah since i dont want custom trouble no BiJ for me anymore.. not worth it. Even ems without customs (in case of Fj above 6k) is cheaper than sal with customs,,

And yeah as i said, i still regret it so yeah i still want her. I also want makoto, rachel however nope shes just too ugly.. her bangs especially.. i had a chance getting makoto for 60 or 65 euros total so yeah facepalming now :/ asshe suddenly went up..

Yeah i actually barely wash my dakis.. only the 100% cotton ones so not smooth knit etc the rougher older dakis i got of louise go in the washing machine.. rest i just hang up with a breeze of air and i dont really sweat much so its enough..
08 giorno/i fa (8 giorno/i fa)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
alazif03 (8 giorno/i fa) #22294210Hi!
I just bought Ragna's Daki item #547780 at Surugaya for 6800 JPY! I'm so happy I could climb the walls! I was checking Ebten's site nearly every day but I couldn't afford it this month. It never popped up at Surgaya before so I was highly surprised when I saw it earlier. I hesitated a little bit but it's a good deal to me. I really don't mind that the eye mask isn't included, I'm not sure I'd use it anyway. I placed a direct order and I'm going to use BiJ as forwarding service. I can hardly wait for the Daki to arrive.

Use FJ theyre cheaper now, 300 yen standard fees now (for each order from a shop) so if you buy like 5 items from suru, still 300 yen for all :)

Congrats thats a good price tho im hesistant with suru with dakis unless im certain its unopened... but must admit i'd prob have bought it as well. But well its a great deal so enjoy, make sure to take pics and share

With dakis i stopped, i got plenty already eventho i still want more but yeah i dont need em :) so i resist >.<
I recently bought a nice suru loot of 5 items tho! But no BB

Im still hunting makoto x noel bath poster its my no.1 merch grail
And i still regret not buting kokonoe when she was on manda and in japan..

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