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07 mese/i faanimeblvdanimeblvd
Hi Chapters0,

Most likely we won't be getting the itachi figure in stock any time soon, unless Tsume decides to respond to us faster and sooner. Unfortunately they are SUPER slow at communicating with us. I will try to keep you posted if we do.

chapters0 (7 mese/i fa) #15927368hello will you be getting the itachi tsume figure in stock?
07 mese/i faDBZRuss25DBZRuss25
Hey how's it going I noticed you have a lot of figures are you interested in selling any
19 mese/i faptitange23ptitange23
Hello !! I love your collection !! :D Good day !!
011 mese/i fakilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hey sweetie I'm sorry but my split is US only, but I saw there are others splitting this set (mfc link)
011 mese/i fananakananaka
chapters0 (11 mese/i fa) #13220212hi i saw ur post on the spliet leftover thread and i was wondering where do u even order Furyu plush straps from?? theres a dgrayman ones coming up and i dont want to miss them but i dont know where/who sells Furyu plush straps ?!
I ordered mine off of Yahoo Japan Auctions through a proxy. ^^

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