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hey, im nate! im a young collector and ive been collecting for about 2 years now (how old my profile is is a reflection of that). im an artist and a graphic designer. i've been into anime since i was about 9, and i started illustrating from its influence. my current favorite animes are Pripara and JJBA, though I'm also reading the jojo manga. i try to keep up with current seasonal anime and watch whatever peaks my interest. i also play games, though i mainly play carefree ones like harvest moon and animal crossing, i also own pokemon moon! feel free to pm me if you ever want to play together!

i mainly just collect items i like/want for any reason, and there is no coherent theme to my collections. items i collect that you dont see on my mfc profile are beanie babies, shopkins, monster high items (blindbox minis or the vinyl figures, but i dont own any dolls yet), other misc blindbox mini figures, stickers (currently all in a drawer lol) and sellers notes from stores i buy from. i just kept them all and now i have quite the extensive collection... all of my family members enjoy collecting and have very extensive collections as well, so i believe collecting may be genetic in me somehow, something psychological, perhaps? it definitely runs in my family.

i have trouble getting things across sometimes and im really forgetful so feel free to come to me personally if ive confused/upset you or something, im open to trying to explain myself. im also really forgetful so if i dont respond to a pm/comment feel free to pester me some more, i actually appreciate being reminded to respond.

INTERESTS: Pripara, JJBA, Yowamushi Pedal, other misc anime
NAME: debi.....................................................................................
WIVES: Hibiki Shikyoin & Sonico....................................................

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please check your inbox.
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Saw you have a 3DS! I have Pokemon Sun so here's my FC if you want to add me! 2793-1990-6627
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debinoresu (8 mese/i fa) #18199621yea, hopefully people just forget. if anyone is still bothered i hope they come to me about it.
im relaxing about it now, but your comment has helped. the only thing i really have to worry about now is gluing sonico back together T:

They will - I had some comments ago and never heard anything again.

:) I'm glad I could help - accepted your FR btw. :3

Maybe some plastic glue. Or I don't know how it's called in english, but we call it power glue.
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debinoresu (8 mese/i fa) #18194908ah, thanks for coming to me about it. yea, i made it private because i started getting PMs from people, and if i hadnt started getting PMs i wouldve kept it public and let people comment. the pms made me realize people were really misinterpreting the point of the article and what i actually intended to post and the fact they were coming to me privately made me figure the best way to clean it up was just to delete it. (mostly purchasing offers and people telling me i should make it private so the seller doesnt see)
i get why people were mad, but i genuinely didnt have poor intentions and just wanted to share the story of how my dad potentially broke it. i didnt even realize the potential backstabbing situation that shone through the cracks of my story, and im glad it was pointed out so i could clear it up- i informed the seller and they still seemed pretty indifferent about it all but i kept getting pms so i ultimately decided to take it down before the resolution could be seen by everyone to stop others from trying to offer for it. im really hoping no one on this site keeps bad feelings about me from that post, though. your comment made me feel a little bit better about my rep here after that haha. id be happy to clear up the situation with anyone else still bothered by it if they came to me about it now.

It seems people just want to profit from every situation, considering the buying offers. You know, you can post anything online and there will be always people who don't want to understand what you really mean. Experienced that before myself. :'/ And you can discuss with those people endless...

I believe you, I guess I would have acted the same way, especially regarding your dads behavior. Yes, maybe it was his fault and he should have paid for it (but you can't be sure really, it could've been happened before), like someone said. But it's not always so easy. It's easy to give advice if you're not in the situation yourself.

It's good you told the seller and you shouldn't worry about it anymore, since you two solved the problem.

Don't be so worried about your reputation, I guess the people will forget about the blog fast, for them it's just some entertainment reading through the section. :)
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*randomly stumbles in*

Hey, I've seen you deleted your newest blog. Just wanted to say, don't feel too sad about the situation despite what was commented. I went to bed, so I couldn't read what comments kept rolling in.

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