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01 mese/i faMiauMiau
Just wondering how much are you asking for (mfc link)
01 anno/i fa (1 anno/i fa)CecilMurdockCecilMurdock
Thanks again for the figma! A great seller who was very friendly and responsive, and shipped out the figure fast!
02 anno/i fakodamaanimekodamaanime
Not only an excellent seller, but a great friend to have if you are in the figure community.
Was very reasonable on a price for a Figma, as well as shipped very fast.

Helped me find a part for a Figma even though it took a week never gave up. So thank you again!
02 anno/i fa-otaku--otaku-

Your inbox is full... I anwser here then ;)


Sorry I didn't saw your message sooner.
I don't sell this figure.

Good luck to your friend !


02 anno/i faKitnightyKitnighty
Excellent seller. Item arrived in good condition in a good amount of time. Most impressed by how patient the seller was with the fact I'd never purchased from MFC before, and was very willing to answer the endless questions I had about the process. :X

Nice, trustworthy, and professional all around.

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