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My Name is Jessica and I have a youtube channel[ext link ] where I unbox and review anime figures and do other fun stuff!

Go Figure Tumblr: [ext link ] where we post photos of our
figures and news on the latest figures.
Go Figure Instagram: [ext link ] for everyday crazy bits.
My Instagram: [ext link ]
My vlog channel: [ext link ]
My clothing store:[ext link ]


I like to have a collection that makes me happy hence why I collect Sonico figures since she is always smiling and I LOVE her colours! I also like Miku figures because companies always make really nice artistic twists of her and because she is also a bubbly character like Sonico. I also collect other random figures form anime I like. My aesthetic is mostly sexy and cute.

What I like:
Anime figures,
designing shirts for That Anime Store,
cheese popcorn,
Animal Crossing (dream address: 5000-5134-1070),
Sephora (Fave brand: Urban Decay and Too Face),
pokemon games (Fave Pokemon: Sylveon + Turtwig + Darkrai),
K-pop jams,
Tumblr [ext link ],
Glittery nail polish,
collecting Pusheen everything,
The Go Figure Community,
and I occasionally paint.

Thanks for stopping by (✿╹◡╹)
k. Bye!

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012 giorno/i fafranjandarfranjandar
If Kana (from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) ever got a figure (preferably a Nendoroid) would you order it? And would you ever seek out any of the old Ouran High School Host Club figures?
020 giorno/i faDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Jess, I saw on your YouTube video some really cool posters of "kobayashi'a dragon maid", Rem and Ram, and a sailor moon poster. I know you got a lot from Otakucon but do you know where else you could get those online??٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
11 mese/i faSnowZeldaSnowZelda
I just saw your new room tour! Your Soncio collection is amazing <3 I always love your room tours :D
14 mese/i faSpirit_BombSpirit_Bomb
Why no upgrade your account since you lub figures? Unlimited friends across the galaxy!
Anyway, great content as always, keep it real and hope to add you as a friend one day xD!
14 mese/i faSaeniSaeni
Hi Jess, thanks for your opinion. I thought a lot about it and ended up preordering her >.<

jessicrotte (4 mese/i fa) #20519177Hey Leslie! ahh i dont know what to say! she is very nice thought and I feel like you really want her. I think it looks like a figure you would like as well. I have never been very preoccupied on buying a character i dont really know about so I wouldn't mind getting her. in the end it all depends on you. Can you actually find a place for her since she is really tall? And the price is not too bad I find. Let me know what you decide to do ^.^ thanks for asking me <3

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