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(Credit for profile picture goes to sakimichan from Deviant Art.)

Fellow supporter of the Bishōnen industry and market.

I am mostly a self-taught visual artist but I'm currently taking professional classes in college. I don't mind chatting if you're interested. I don't bite much. ;)

Feel free to also shoot me a Friend Request or PM, I like to think I'm a fast responder to those. English is my native language but I can speak a LITTLE French.( Can do basic greetings and ask how you are feeling in French.) :D

P.S- My stuff under "Wished" are the current items I'm searching for or waiting to be released. As for my "Favorites", they are my maybe stuff, meaning: I'm currently trying to decide if I want to get them or not.(My preferences change from time to time so I may change my 'Wished' and 'Favorite' items every now and then.)

If you have a figure I want, feel free to PM me about it! I have a "For Trade/Sale" list for figures I no longer want so feel free to check it out!

I'm open to figure trades! :)

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okami34 (15 giorno/i fa) #24453043snip

No worries! My internet connection isn't amazing either, so I understand if there's a lag.

I just had a meeting today where some of my teammates started arguing with one another & I'm sitting there all like, "Why can't we all just be friends?" LOL. I'm so passive during meetings while some of my other teammates really want to get their points across.

The company has a stock pantry filled with snacks & drinks, so that's also a really nice perk. Our department works in the branch office, so we don't get as many nice things as the main headquarters. They have baristas making you coffee on the house + kombucha on tap. At least we will be moving over there by the end of Oct! The offices are roughly 12 minutes apart by walking, but it's such a pain when it rains or when you have to run back & forth between buildings for meetings.

Creative advertising is under another section in the marketing department, but I don't really collaborate with them ^^;.

I've never physically attended WonFes, but I read all the blog posts pertaining it on MFC. The coverage on this site is excellent (:. I was incredibly disappointed in most of the figures showcased this year, but I guess that means more money in my wallet. I will be attending Crunchy Roll Expo later this month, so that's something to look forward to!

Tip #3:
Don't follow under the pitfall of settling for a low, minimum wage job for experience as a college graduate. Unless you're an undergrad or you need it to pay the bills, don't do it. I can't even stress this enough. I have so many friends who tell me that they take a job just for the "experience" to built their resume when it wasn't anywhere relevant to their career, only to be stuck in that same job 3 years later. People are scared of change & if anything gets too hard, they just fall back to the comfort zone.

If internships are out of reach, I recommend volunteering at a place that is relevant to your field of interest to earn that experience. Not only do you get a shot at getting hired by that company, you also get a chance to network within that specific line of field. Recruiters would much rather hire someone who have the right experience even if it's volunteer, over someone who has a lot of experience that won't be applicable to the job.
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okami34 (20 giorno/i fa) #24262163It's not your birthday yet where you live? XD
Well, happy early birthday and happy (actual) birthday when it becomes the 4th where you live then. :D

Exactly!! But thank you anyway :D
020 giorno/i faAuriAuri
okami34 (20 giorno/i fa) #24253691Gonna be the first person today to say this: Happy Birthday! :3

Thank you!! Where I live it isn't the 4th yet :D
023 giorno/i fadarkmewsicdarkmewsic
okami34 (29 giorno/i fa) #23901814By hours, I was referring to credit hours. XD I still need one hour credit to become a sophomore now. I also know the struggle of not being qualified for grants. My family is the same way. (Sometimes I wonder if you have to be as poor as only having $2.00 to your name to be able to get a grant.)
As for scholarships, there are many that only require essay as a form of entry. The only downside that they're contests.
I'm sorry to hear that so far you are going into your business trip blind. I hope you can get some more information about it soon. As for you team member, it sounds like he might take a vacation day.
I also try to stay as connected as I can with my professors, but some take several days to answer my e-mails! XD(I try to visit some of them when I can though.) I haven't really slept through a lecture yet, but there has been many times of where I had to fight back my urge to sleep.

The only thing I'm super worried about is whether the business trip will be in conflict with my plans to attend a concert next month. I've planned this months ahead of time so I would be really disappointed if I couldn't go because of the business trip.

I'm still fighting the urge to fall asleep in some of the meetings I attend in. It's an information overload, but it's not relevant to the work I actually need to do. Mandatory meetings are awful.

LOL I'm so sorry for droning on about how work isn't ideal sometimes, but there are some really great perks at work too. We had a private, company wide event where we rented out a section of a public park for an entire day! Games, food trucks, frozen treats, drinks, you name it! Not only was all of this on the company, I get paid to have fun!

Btw, what were your thoughts on this year's Wonfes?

Tip #2: If a job is too good to be true, it most likely is the case. I've applied to so many jobs off of Indeed.com & Monster, just to find out they were pyramid schemes or really sketchy places. Even if you make plans for an interview, you always have the power to cancel it if you think the work itself doesn't line up with what the company claims it is.

You could also apply for these scam jobs just for the interview experience. It gives you an idea what kinda questions companies ask & provides real life practice to prep for real jobs.
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okami34 (1 mese/i fa) #23460966I am on the verge of becoming a sophomore, but I need about 3-4 more hours to become one. I have learned a few things during my time at college so far, but I'm sure there's plenty I need to know. Learning how to deal with summer classes is my current struggle! Please teach my your ways dearest senpai! DX
Even if there are some limits for what you job is willing to fund to further your education, the limitations seem reasonable enough. :) Still qualify for grants and scholarships?
My mom had to travel once in a while for job purposes and her job covered the big expenses for here too. Where is your team going?

Lol 3-4 more hours? That means you are officially a sophomore by today! I never qualified for grants because we were stuck in that bracket where my family income was just high enough to go over the minimum and I wasn't ever smart enough to get a scholarship.

Our team has plans to head to North Carolina, but honestly I'm not sure how it's going to work out. One of my team member can't leave because his kid is due next month and our manager still hasn't reveal any details of the trip.

Let's start the college tip series~
Tip #1: Stay connected to professors. If you don't have work experience, but need references or recommendations from someone, professors are a great start! ...just be sure to hang in there for your summer classes & don't doze off mid-lecture.

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