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Add me in F/GO (JP) below are my current mains per class

I am stuck between servants

and idols.

... It's not so bad though.

(I also like nendoroids and scales plus a few prize figures and figmas)

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12 giorno/i fahyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Hey nice collection, just added you on FGO ^^
13 giorno/i faFate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
pradshaw89 (3 giorno/i fa) #22500402Thanks for accepting my FR. Good luck on the US F/GO server!Thanks, I love your profile page! soon I will update mine with pics of my collection! (;
13 giorno/i faFate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
Hello and nice collection! I can't wait for F/GO (US)
128 giorno/i fajzdavidjzdavid
salamat sa pag accept idol!! :)
11 mese/i fa (1 mese/i fa)SageGuySageGuy
pradshaw89 (1 mese/i fa) #21013952Will this fit the kemono nendos?
item #577177

Looks like it's made for figmas, so nendos should fit, but it will likely be a bit large for them. And since figmas have more pose-ability, I don't know if it would suit nendos that well.

But thanks for letting me know about this.

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