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I collect Dragon Ball Z figures and scaled babes :)

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03 mese/i fadrowrangerdrowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Thanks for the FR!
I just love your male figure collection! <3
03 mese/i faconcfconcf
serenity_darko (3 mese/i fa) #18847267Thanks for the FR
Thank you for accepting me :)
How are you?
03 mese/i faconcfconcf
Hey! Nice to mee you <3 lets be friends!!
01 anno/i faaniemae1820aniemae1820
serenity_darko (1 anno/i fa) #8290901Thanks for the FR!

Thanks for accepting... ^_^
01 anno/i farairai - Canadian Collector ♡
serenity_darko (1 anno/i fa) #3727895Hello once again!
Since you have that gorgeous Tsume Renji statue and a detolf, I was wondering if you could possibly tell me if he fits on the shelves or not? I'm planning on buying him (eventually) but have no idea where he's going to go :/

Hi! He does not fit. His base is too big. I tried to get him on the bottom shelf but he just didn't fit at all. He's glorious but huge... So huge and so very heavy.

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