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Hello to my profile ^^

Singapore fan. Apart from the franchises listed on the right, I'm also a seiyuu fan - specifically Miyano Mamoru and Aoi Shouta. I want to attend an Utapri/Mamo/Shoutan concert one day. Please feel free to friend request me if we have things in common :)

My shop listing is mostly on Singapore platform Carousell. [ext link ] If you see anything you like, feel free to contact me here or on Carousell (please do this if you're in Singapore), and we can work out shipping. Thanks!

If I own something and there are no pictures for it, and you want to see pictures, feel free to comment on my profile/PM me and I'll put some pictures up.

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starlightshine (7 mese/i fa) #19115989I'm going England! Thanks ^^ would have liked to go Japan but I cannot nihongo + not many universities offered courses in my major... Haha I'm pretty sure many people feel like that too. Don't worry about it!
Nice!! Exchange can get really expensive though, since it's super tempting to just travel around without the worry of grades :^) How about summer exchange to Japan? I think there's one that allows you to clear level 1 Japanese so beginners are welcomed! Actually, the popular exchange country for my course is Taiwan but I'm not too keen on that and the only time I can go on summer exchange is right after year 1 and I had bad planning skills then so... welp bye hopes and dreams!!! My nihongo would be of a much higher level too if I went urghhh orz Hm, I feel like most people in my school somewhat has their shit together and then there's me so it's hard not to feel that way orz.
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starlightshine (7 mese/i fa) #19095550Ah, I see! Nope I'm in year 2, but I'm going on exchange in year 3 so I wanted to see if I could do internship earlier. And now I know which course you're in lolol. I'm not ready to grow up for working life yet too!
I see, have fun on exchange next year!! Which country are you planning to go btw? I'd like to go Japan for exchange but I don't have time left in school plus my GPA sucks :C Hahaha there's only what, 2 courses with 3 years duration? 19 year old me wasn't very wise in course-choosing and just wanted to get out of school ASAP with a supposedly 'more useful' degree though LOLOL.
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starlightshine (7 mese/i fa) #19070722Ah, that reminds me, I still haven't secured an internship >_> sigh. hiya senior haha and I'm too dumb to make it to NUS lol oops
Ah, that was me at around this time last year ><. I managed to find one (albeit a rather shitty one with no interview requirement) eventually anyway and cleared my internship so I'm sure you will too! Well if you're in year 3 too then we're actually at the same level hahaha. My course only takes 3 years of hell to graduate though I'm sorta not ready for working life right now? orz 3 years sure went by in a flash arghhhh
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starlightshine (7 mese/i fa) #19004922Backlog is reallll D: and I feel you too. I'm supposed to be doing homework and yet here I am... Yes indeed, pulau ntu haha
On the bright side, the holidays are coming up real soon!
OK crap that means I have to find a full-time job soon after dodging the 'HAVE YOU FOUND A JOB???' questions from my coursemates for a good semester or 2. T_T Holy shit I'm also from there. I always dread every damn day I have to travel there though. Should've gone to NUS hahaha shit
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starlightshine (7 mese/i fa) #18974387ZEN! <3 white hair anime boys are moe indeed.
And yes uni indeed -.-" good luck! 1 more month to go?
Sent you a friend request ^^

Yeah :D (I haven't touched MM in a long while tho lmao... RIP my gaming backlog bc of school!!!)
I'm getting flooded with projects at this point of time and yet I'm still browsing MFC lol. I browsed through your Carousell and... By any chance are you from that ulu uni in the west?
Also, FR accepted!

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