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02 anno/i fa (2 anno/i fa)RioMgeeRioMgee
villegas (2 anno/i fa) #2934929Many thanks~ I am a fan of ultraman and one piece,and you looks the same:)
By the way, I can't open this site sometimes....I've no ideas about that:(

Im more of a seasonal collector actually, like the kantai collection-fever nowadays and touken ranbu to proceed ; dont follow kancolle?
but my all-time favorites are persona,pokemon, and to aru index/railgun

No, I think this site works fine with me the only time they crashes is one of the days in february and july when japan having wonfes LoL
02 anno/i faRioMgeeRioMgee
thankyou for your reply, you even provided me with the available link
yess in the future I'll get it if I have spare money :p
and you're english is fine mine isnt that good either...anyway since you're quite new here enjoy your stay at tsuki-board!! ^^
02 anno/i faRioMgeeRioMgee
Hi there I see you just posted this picture (mfc link)
I wonder what is the name of this diorama set again? I saw it once on tamashii web if I wasnt wrong but I lost the track, maybe if you can inform me or provide the link?
Thankyou ^^
02 anno/i faKanouteKanoute
villegas (2 anno/i fa) #2730533I thought you are a fan of him = =!
I found you have many old OP collections which I also have, that makes me exicted~~ You know, I can't wait to send you some pictures about my collection, a few days later....O(∩_∩)O

No No ... not fan of football but I'm a big fan of One Piece lol.
And i'll wait to see your collection ;)
Have a nice day Nakama ^_^
02 anno/i faKanouteKanoute
villegas (2 anno/i fa) #2722157Your name remind me Frédéric Kanoute, a football player ..o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o
I did a search of this player and it's not me ... i'm his opposite lol ^_^

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