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vyseoftheskies (2 mese/i fa) #21556721YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!
I really should check my notifications more often, I just noticed I missed your birthday. :(
Anyway, apologies! Sorry for the belated birthday wish, but a belated birthday wish is better than no birthday wish at all! So, here it is.
I hope you had an awesome day, filled with incredible things and I wish you many more to come! :)

It's okay! We don't get to talk often so I'm always happy to hear from you, belated or not ^_^
Thank you! (●´□`)♡ I'm doing well and I hope you are too! ^^
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vyseoftheskies (6 mese/i fa) #17621482Yeah, I enjoyed NMH2, but vastly preferred NMH1. You could tell Suda had more of a hand in designing that one (it's the only one that he directed, until the eventual NMH3) as I found both the story, and the bosses, to be a lot more memorable. I'm a bit worried though, that the game we receive for the Switch will be something completely different than what I expect. You can never tell with Suda (he's definitely a guy who does what he wants to do), and I'm kind of afraid that it'll end up being some crazy wrestling game or something. I really hope this isn't the case. :/
But yes, more hopes for a Travis Touchdown figure! I know they don't do a lot of male-centered ones, and I don't normally collect them, but for Travis I'd make an exception.
I still have my Switch on pre-order, I'm really not sure what to do. This is Nintendo, so I'm doubtful the console will ever receive a substantial price-drop, and there are a handful of games coming out this year that I need to play, such as Mario Odyssey. I'm also SUPER-EXCITED for Zelda Breath of the Wild, and while I could play that on my current Wii U console, it looks so much better on the Switch. Thankfully, I have a bit of time to decide.
Are you a fan of Fire Emblem? They held a Fire Emblem-centered Nintendo Direct earlier, and announced that they're making a new Fire Emblem for both the 3DS as well as Switch, but also showcased the mobile phone they've been working on (gatcha-based, for iOS/Android phones). I'm a pretty big fan of Fire Emblem, as well as gatcha games, so yeah...I'm in great danger. Goodbye free time!

The head scratcher for me with some games is why does the original have free-roaming as a feature and the sequel scraps it? Same thing happened with Sonic Adventure/2 (SA1 is close to my tiny metal heart... SA2 isn't).
Do you have this book? [ext link ] In a little blurb in the back he says with NMH1 they did scenario first, characters second, but with the sequel they went with designing the characters and boss battle styles first. I honestly thought it would have been the other way around... NMH1 is about simply rising to top rank, while NMH2... was the same, but for reasons other than "I wanna bone Sylvia!"

Switch won't have a price drop until it A) gets some sort of "lite" version or B) gets a successor, which will take some indefinite amount of time. I'm okay with waiting on account of... I actually have a huge backlog of games I need to play/finish, spanning several consoles. I recently acquired a new TV so I suppose there's no excuse to not get cracking on those anymore, but it'll still be some stretch of time before I clear them all. And, I'm not into Fire Emblem because I'm afraid of getting sucked into popular franchises. My BFF loves it and the people of MFC seem to be mighty passionate about it lol
My rule for buying a new console is either 3-5 titles I want or one I *super* want (ex. NMH3) How long is the WANT list looking for you at launch?
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vyseoftheskies (7 mese/i fa) #17497538OH MAN, I KNOW!
And Suda 51 is directing the thing himself! He hasn't directed a No More Heroes game since, well...the original. I'm pretty excited, it's been a long time coming but we're finally getting (another) sequel!
I just hope it's better than NMH2. I still enjoyed the game, and the combat was improved, but I much preferred the story (and boss characters) present in the first one. Well, that and I hated the final boss in NMH2. But then, Suda didn't do that one himself, so there's that. Still, I CAN'T WAIT!
Did you pre-order a Switch or are you waiting until more is released for it? I have one pre-ordered, but I might not keep it. Breath of the Wild looks amazing, but I can play that on the Wii U (which I already have). As for the rest of the games scheduled for this year, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe look great, but aren't in the launch window, and we'll have to wait even longer for Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017). :(
I might wait and purchase when when Mario is released, or just go ahead with my initial pre-order, I haven't decided. Also, SMT and Musou FE for the Switch, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I just wish their launch line-up was stronger, with the only "must-have" game for me being a port.

;___; I'msohappy

Previously he said the next NMH would not have Travis because his story was done... I'm so happy he scrapped that. Travis <33 SUDA <333

I think the thing about NMH2 that really got under my skin was swapping the free travel and side missions for the minigames. I... really hated the minigames. I felt like they were too time consuming and didn't net me much money (It didn't help that I was farming cash like a crook in the original with that 30sec assassin mission that was a short drive away from K-ENT). And then I was losing tons of cash to that bogus gym minigame... I ended up blowing a mental fuse and downloading a save with all that stuff completed. I wanted to earn everything else by myself but UGHHH I hated those games!! The concept was kind of cute though, I guess, but I didn't wanna spend more time gaining cash than actually decapitating people and that's what it felt like.

I'm waiting for after release... NMH3 is the real meat and potatoes for me, and I think anything else I want can wait. I still have PS4 games to finish in the meanwhile. If Nintendo NYC has a launch event I-- well, I wanna say I'll go, but they end up having hundreds of people turn up and the line spans several long city blocks >.<

Also... my narrow prayers for PVC Travis are a little wider now.
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vyseoftheskies (1 anno/i fa) #13812060Sorry, I'm a bit later on this. >_<
Happy (belated) Birthday!

Thank you very much! :3

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