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I was thinking of selling most of my collection. Anyone had good luck selling here? After much reading it seems like the best place for collector to collector sales. Wisdom is welcome my friends.
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Hey, just wanted to say you have a very impressive collection. When did you start?
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you cant have a mogudan collection without this, I recommend you. item #140494
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woodysixone (3 anno/i fa) #2280851Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed reviewing your collection - a few I would enjoy owning! Mogudan can never go wrong...amazing design and quality to give the best female presentation. Best to you my friend. Yeah, thanks. I try to get the rest of the figures that he has shared. call me crazy but I still hope getting the 2nd ver. Bakunyu Maid Yuzuki with black costume; Aside from other figures like the Q-six: Bakunyu Kenshi Sakura.
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Good taste, I have to say. Mogudan is a master about the female characters. seems like you have some figures from him. me too.
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woodysixone (4 anno/i fa) #1640514Excellent, love the offer to help. I have many questions at times and just not sure. A true collector is nice to have as a contact and I value that very much. Just do not want to overload your comments area. If you chat or have long bored times to answer a few questions - say the word. I hope you are well, I have not been back to Wisc. in years (Iowa boy) but loved the time there! Reply when you can...take care!
No worries, I don't mind. You can always shoot me a PM as well. Just to let you know, I will be gone August 8th through the 16th on vacation but I'll be able to help you out when I return.

Aww, a true collector? That's a real compliment, thank you! So you're originally from Iowa then? I've been there once and but only passed through it on trip, we went right straight through it and saw literally tons of farmland. Iowa definitely has more farms than Wisconsin but at least we have all the cheese, haha.
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woodysixone (4 anno/i fa) #1621772WOW Thank you! Never a problem - do not see it as snooping but more as a great helping hand. I could use your help more often as I am so new to this. Please communication more often if you like...I could use any wisdom and a friend in the business ;)

Aww, thank you! Sure thing, I'm glad to be of help. :) If you need any further help I can certainly try and help out.
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Hi there! Sorry to come across as a snoop but I saw the comment about the unknown Pandra character. I did some checking around for you and found out her name is Hades Pluto, though she seems to be a minor character.
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woodysixone (4 anno/i fa) #1550739Good Day Sir,
Hey I had a question on a character. I searched the web for hours and translated many Japanese websites and no luck. We both own two figures from Pandra:
Unico Winged Horse item #108433
Reiryi Black item #128862
Who is the third character (on the left of this picture) in the series?
[ext link ]
I would like to know the name so I can keep an eye out for the figure if/when if gets produced. Sorry to take time just wanted to seek your wisdom. Hope all is well with you in the summer months.

I have this book on my computer but I believe its but translated into English. I wish I could help you more but I'm not sure what her name is. I'm almost positive she will be released soon considering she its the last one on the cover
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Had to send a Friend Request since it seems you share the same taste in figure type that I do. And a Moguden avatar helps too! :-3
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woodysixone (4 anno/i fa) #1519436I think they came out very impressive. I just hope they are not the type to tear or crack with a change in temp or humidity. The only others to compare are on Aizawa Sanae and only had her out once and not on display so they are holding up very well. I think Ritsuko's design is much better quality; but time will tell. I am not an Anime expert and new to the storyline; just find the figures very high quality and a nice display for the man cave. I am interested in the computer gaming for the stories with the ladies, any suggestion that you know of for a beginner? To be completely honest I don't play any games so I wouldn't be able to suggest anything. A lot of what I purchase is based on my personal preference and how well it will sit among my other ladies in my collection. Like you I collect to add to my man cave.
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Hey how did yo like the squishy boobs on Ritsuko? I thought they came out great. I own only have Shiori to compare her to but I found the type of plastic they used really was awesome.
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Hi there! I'm trying to compile a list of Queen's Blade character collectors and create a widget to display on said collector's profiles for fun. So would it be okay to put you down as a Cattleya collector?

You have a great collection, by the way. I'm a Cattleya fan and collector as well. :)
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Hey thx for adding me
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Our collection is almost identical
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woodysixoneI think it is a keeper; and it sounds like you found a great price for it!

The reason I'm (still) not so sure is I haven't seen very many photos of it online, and that's not usually a good sign... I'll probably hold off for a while, it's best I save up for upcoming releases. :D
06 anno/i faKJAZZKJAZZ
Yes, indeed a VERY delectable collection...:D

Oh, I have a quick question, what are your thoughts on the Mogudan-style Kanu? I've been considering picking it up, but I'm not sure... is it worth the ~$80?
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woodysixoneMy! You are correct on the small collection I have. Just amazed at the number you have! How do you display them all?

I display them all in their original shipping boxes :)
I only have a few (less than 10) displayed excluding gashapon, everything else is carefully packed in to my room.
Lack of space prevents them from being displayed. but once I move I will work something out and get some detlofs:)
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Nice "heavy" collection ;)
06 anno/i fanegativezeronegativezero
your collection is small but it's got some heavy hitters in there, very nice collection. Wish I could afford that Taki Cattleya off of you but it would take up too much room and I've got a lot of things i want to buy.

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