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I meant to tell you for awhile since you sent me the email, Your Urd looks amazing!! I wonder if they are going to release the rest of them pre painted. There's no way I could afford that GK and pay for somebody to pain it. Hehe
01 anno/i faTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
How often do you purchase preorder with CR? are they as bad as customer reviews? You noticed their negative reviews on google right?
02 anno/i fawingsofninawingsofnina
Wow, the Urd figure you ordered is awesome!!! Belldandy and Urd would look extremely awesome next to each other. I can't wait to see. I hope you upload some photos of Urd. :)
03 anno/i fazferoliezferolie
Izlude77714 (3 anno/i fa) #2029831Would you be willing to sell your Kaibutsu Oujo hime figure?

She is one of my favorite figures, so sadly I don't want to part with her.. Sorry.
04 anno/i faFychanFychan
zferolie (4 anno/i fa) #1543656OK. I am awful with names, so I apoologize. I wanted to make sure you didn't go by something else.
And Added you. Nice to see a fellow collector. My list is not really filled out yuet, but I hope to change that

No problem, I'm pretty much just a lurker/stalker so I didn't expect to be recognized xD' Hopefully I can finish my stuff soon and be more active on the forums!

Be careful, this site is a really slippery slope!

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