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Today we'll be taking a look at FREEing's latest 1/4 figure, Nitro Super Sonic Sonico. She was created in October 14th, 2006 by Tsuji Sanda to be a mascot for the Nitro Super Sonic music festival. The "live" music festival is held annually by Nitroplus. Ever since her creation she has gained more and more popularity becoming an event all onto herself spawning various figures, artwork and even games.

She was a standard release in July of 2013 and retailed for around 17,500 Yen. I believe this is FREEing's first Sonico figure making the number of manufacturers that haven't released a Sonico figure even smaller. I'm not saying this is a bad thing but trying to illustrate how popular she is that so many manufacturers have made at least one figure of her yet there is no signs of over saturation? If you want to acquire her you'll probably have to look to the secondary market unless you browse the various foreign stores that carry figures but stock them a few months after release in Japan.

The goal today is to take a closer look at this buxom beauty and determine if she stands out enough to be picked out of the sea of Sonico figures out there. Also it's an opportunity to see if the 1/4th treatment translates well for this vixen.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
FREEing went with the typical tower box design they have been using for their 1/4th scale figures. You're given a lot of window panels but they provide a limited view of the figure within due to the need for the box to remain rigid to support the much denser and heavier figures. The only thing the window panels do is entice you to take the figure out to see her in all her glory. The colors and artwork used compliments the figure very nicely and makes the box good for being out on display. The picture used show off the figure perfectly.

Since we're dealing with a 1/4th figure a lightweight corrugated cardboard had to be used to provide the strength needed while still keeping weight and cost manageable. The figure weighs over a kilogram so the packaging is actually pretty light at around 300 grams. So they did a good job with protection but shipping weight and size will probably get you. More than likely she'll cost you a pretty penny to ship but in the end I think it'll be worth it. She should get to you safely and look great doing it.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 1.54 Kilograms
H: 350 mm
W: 223 mm
D: 195 mm

A typical two piece blister was used to cocoon her. They were taped together to further secure the figure to prevent her from shifting. The molding of the blister was close enough to prevent her from bouncing around. They also used a much stiffer plastic compared to the ones used by the smaller figure to add further to the overall strength of the packaging.

A generous amount of plastic sheets was used to protect her from rubbing and paint transfer. Instructions were also included on her cast her off. This is definitely appreciated as instructions are still a rare thing for figures.

They did a nice job with the packaging. Form and function were good, the packaging looks good and protects just as well. She should get to you safely but it might cost a bit due to the weight and size. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Sculpting: 9.9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Abe Masato which surprised me as FREEing usually doesn't credit the sculptor(s) that worked on their 1/4th girls. This is actually fortunate for us as Abe has worked on a number of larger scaled figures including a few 1/4th girls before this one. One thing I noticed about 1/4th figures is sometimes they don't transition well to the larger scales. I don't know if it's because the sculptor isn't used to working with the larger scale or the tools normally used for the smaller scales don't exist for the larger ones? In any case this sculptor has had experience which I believe payed off nicely for this figure. Below you can see some of his previous work from the usual scale to the larger ones. Looking at his body of work I have to say he's improved steadily and in the past few years improved by leaps and bonds. Note he's worked on a few Tamaki Kousaka figures which has a similar physique to Sonico and the past experience definitely helped with this figure.

Speaking of Tamaki if you look at 1/4th figure of her she's quite a tall figure/character. However it looks like if this Sonico figure was to stand up she would easily tower over her. One thing I did notice is Abe isn't really accurate with the scale of his figures. However I guess you could say various manufacturers and sculptors have the same issue. If you look at the figures of a particular character from various manufacturers or sculptors the scale is all over the place if you were to look at their canon height. I'm not complaining at least in this case as there is just more of her to love.

Below you can see all of her accessories. You have her maid dress, collar and bow, bunny ears and I guess frilly arm straps.

Her outfit is fairly flexible and should resist damage for the most part. Care should be taken with the straps, pegs and the various laces. The bunny tail seems to be secured but I wouldn't recommend testing how secure. The inside seems to be treated to prevent paint transfer and it's fairly easy to put on the dress and to take it off.

Concerning the fit when you try to seal up the seam at least for mine I wasn't able to close it up completely. I had a slight gap on my near the bottom. I guess with some adjustment/modification I could probably do it. However you probably can't even see the gap since her dress is black and the design of the dress prevents you from seeing flesh even with the gap. More troublesome for me is her right strap. The left strap is secured but the right is free at the back to allow for you to put on and remove her dress. She has to be wearing the dress to provide the tension needed to get the peg to stay in place but even then mine keeps popping out without constant adjustment. Results will probably vary between figures and I guess it's not really an issue since her hair actually covers it and helps hold it in place.

Now in order to remove that dress you'll have to remove her head and arms. As you can see the neck is pretty sturdy but I supposed you could probably break it if you should drop her. Her arms fit securely but more importantly to me even though the seams were meant to be covered Abe did a nice job with the fit. If you pressed hard enough you can barely see the seams. Other FREEing 1/4th figures lacked this effort because it was going to be covered resulting in a big ugly gap. You can see they actually made the effort and it's appreciated. But as you can see you either need the dress or those frilly armband things to cover the seam. I suppose they could have avoided it if they had the dress open up on both sides and requiring you only remove the head. Maybe next time?

Now without further delay let's move onto the main attraction.



She looks good, right? All I can say is the pictures do not do her justice, she definitely looks much better in person. Below you can see the illustration the figure was based on and for the most part I guess they were accurate. I guess my angle for the shot was off but it looks like they weren't as accurate on recreating her breasts. However it might have to do with the fact you can cast her off and her breasts would look weird if they recreated them exactly as her naked wouldn't allow for her breasts to be squeezed together like the illustration. In any case you can see they did a decent job in regards to the sculpting details to recreate her so let's take a closer look starting with her face.

Looking at her face you can see they did a decent job recreating her facial features. Her chin seems spot on and I really liked the job they did on her mouth. It was definitely much better than I was expecting in both execution and details. She looks great from various profiles and I'd have to say she definitely has one of the best Sonico faces I've seen on a figure to date. I can't say it enough, I love her smile and those lips of hers. They just look so good on her and easily brings her other facial features together.

Looking at her hair you can see they did a decent job replicating her hairstyle form the illustration. Note her hair is stiff and care should be take less you break something especially those smaller strands if caught on something or dropped. Considering her scale I do wish they would have made more of an effort to minimize the lines from the loose individual strands but they're not too distracting. The biggest thing of course is they made use of her maid headdress/headphones to cover the typical seam line you find on most figures at the top of her head. Her hair is detailed and looks great from various profiles and as mentioned before matches up nicely with the illustration. I love the job they did with her bangs especially.

Taking a closer look at her head phones, you can see they're nicely detailed. They look quite realistic and natural with how she's wearing them. Care should be taken around the parts of her headphones that stick out as they could snap off if you're not careful. In any case they look great in both execution and details.

You are given the option of displaying her with bunny ears or not. However, I think they should have included plugs for her headdress when you're not using the bunny ears. I guess it isn't much of an issue since you're probably be viewing her from the front anyway. The ears are fairly easy to install and stay in place without much hassle. It may vary between figures but I highly doubt it looking at the design.

As mentioned previously her breasts don't seem to match up with the illustration exactly. However I did speculate it was because of the cast off feature. I just don't think her breasts would have looked "good" and "natural" if they replicated the illustration exactly when she is cast off. In any case her breasts and cleavage look good. Looking at them from various angles they just look good. She's practically bursting out of that skimpy dress making you want to see more.

As you can see with the dress off her breasts look "natural" enough with the way they implemented them. She does have your typical tear drop shape even if on the large side. I love the job they did on her pert nipples and areoles that cap her breasts. The transition from her breasts to those nipples looks so sexy and realistic. Looking at them from various angles you can see they did a very nice job hiding/minimizing any potential seam lines.

Taking a closer look you can see the transition that I was talking about from her breasts to those nipples, I just love how they look. Also you can see they did a nice job with her underboobs as there is no ugly scars. Also if you look higher, note the well defined collarbones on her. Those sharp features contrast very nicely with her soft pendulous breasts. Note her physique especially her abs... She is definitely one fit Sonico. I'm not used to seeing her so athletic but I think it works nicely with her curves making her look even sexier and hotter. I just love all the lines and curves on her, Abe really outdone himself this time. She just looks great from various profiles, I don't think she has a bad side to look at. Everything is good.

Looking at her bareback, you can't help but admire the details here as well. I love the job they did with her shoulder blades and small of her back. A lot of details were put into something that's covered because normally you can't even see her back due to her hair so this is definitely appreciated.

Moving on down to her skimpy skirt, I love the transition to her thighs and fishnets. The little frilly laces, not sure what their called looks both cute and sexy at the same time.

Even with her skirt on you get an eyeful of her panties. I bet you'll have her constantly bending over to dust and pick things up. 8Þ

And of course she looks great without the skirt as well.

If you look closely you can see even with her panties on little is left to the imagination. Detailed, no? And I love the job they did on her garter belt, they're as detailed as they're sexy. I really appreciate how they're made of their own separate pieces instead of being carved out of her.

I love the job they did on her rear end as well. It looks so realistic how the panties dig into her butt crack and conform to her butt cheeks. The transition from her panties to flesh was seamless and looks very natural. It really looks like the panties are digging into her flesh. Look at how the flesh spills out from the bottom and top and of course you can see that crack forming as well as those well formed lower cheeks begging to be pinched. If you note the panties are their own separate piece and not carved out of her which is appreciated to add to the overall looks. In any case I don't think you can deny she's got a butt that won't quit.

Taking another look at her garter belt and fishnets you can't help but notice the details put into them. As mentioned the garter belt is made of separate pieces to add to the overall details and the frilly lace at the thighs both assist with the transition from fishnet to her thighs and just make her look so sexy. That garter belt looks great from all angles. Do you know why fishnets are so sexy on a woman? They define the curves by applying a grid close to the body which accentuates the wearer's muscular definition meaning SEXY.

Looking at her legs overall you can see they are long and curvy. They appeared balanced with the rest of her body and matches up nicely with her physique. The transition from her feet to pumps seem realistic as well. I can't help but admire the lovely lines from those curvy long legs.

From head to toe they did a fantastic job with her. She's detailed and seems accurate to the illustration on where it counts. Her fit and finish is top notch especially for a 1/4th figure where I usually encounter laziness which is not the case for this figure. A lot of love and care was put into her which can't be missed. Expectations were definitely met and exceeded in regards to some of the past 1/4th girls I've examined from FREEing.

Painting: 9.5/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
FREEing usually does a competent job coloring their figures with the tools available. However they usually rely on tinting for the majority of the figure due to the scale. However in this case they actually put some additional effort into her such as airbrushing. Looking at the illustration she was based on you can note there are some differences in regards to her hair color and flesh. I definitely would have loved it if they could have replicated that sweaty skin of hers but what was implemented for the figure was acceptable especially if you can actually see her in person. Overall they did an OK job with the palettes used.





The big thing for me is she actually has a blush! OK, it's not as pronounced as the illustration but she has one and you can actually see it easily. Unlike some of the past few Sonicos that I've looked at with the promised blush missing, they actually delivered. Her big eyes look great and again I love the job they did on her lips. They look so lip smacking good. Her fair complexion contrasts nicely with her blush and her hair.

Look at the details they put into her lovely hair which matches up nicely with the illustration. The coloring for her hair is actually pretty complex and detailed compared to other figures even the smaller scaled ones.

The one thing that blew me away was the lovely job they did with her flesh. It wasn't a flat tint but actually airbrushed in detail instead. Look at how they accentuated her curves and features breathing life into her flesh. I loved the job they did on her abs and of course those breasts of hers. Look at the lovely job they did on her nipples and areoles.

Note the various parts of her dress and garter belt that were hand painted with precision. The tinting that was used was appropriate and looks good. Usually for 1/4th and larger they get lazy with the coloring of a figure. I didn't get this impression with her instead I could see the attention to detail instead.

All I can say is I wish they did this with all 1/4th figures. You can easily see the attention to detail and effort put into her. My expectations were met and exceeded especially for a figure of her scale. I do wish she matched up more closely with the illustration but their execution of her was definitely acceptable.

Posing: 9.5/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
I don't think I have to say much as you can see for yourself. They matched up with the illustration for the most part. Her bunny ears could have been longer and more floppy, blush more pronounced as well as the sweaty skin. Her breasts I believe were OK with the way they were implemented as they just wouldn't look right when she's undressed. In any case it looks like Abe did a nice job bringing the illustration to life.

The biggest thing for me is the display options! So many to choose from. For display purposes she seems best at around eye level and slightly below to match up with the illustration. However she also looks good slight above it as well especially if you want to peek under her skirt.

I understand she was based off of the illustration shown above but I couldn't help but notice the similarity with another figure pose. I guess she just looks good in that pose that they basically keep doing it?

What can I say, they did a decent job bringing the illustration to life. I'm sure the choices they made on the differences were for a good reason as I didn't get a sense of them taking shortcuts or just being lazing but instead the opposite. I'm so used to seeing them being lazy with the larger figures that this was definitely a refreshing change.


No base.

Enjoyment: 9.9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
So we've taken a closer look at her. To be honest when she was first announced I was considering passing on her due to my experience with 1/4th figures from FREEing. Actually it's not just them. Basically all the manufacturers at least the past few years gave me the impression of them being lazy when it came to the larger scale. The shortcuts they would take with the smaller scaled figured could not be missed but instead was amplified and made worse on the larger scale. I really thought they would do the same with her but as more and more pictures were provided I decided to take the risk once again. When I first saw her while still in the box my worries instantly melted away. When I took her out and held her in my hands I knew I didn't make a mistake and she was worth the risk and what I paid to get her. I couldn't believe the lovely job they did on her especially for her scale. She is easily one of my best if not the best Sonico figure in my collection currently. I don't see any Sonico figure coming up that will unseat her from the top currently so I definitely do not regret getting her. If you want to get a Sonico figure it should definitely be this one if you can get your hands on her. The others are nice but she's the one with native being a close second. I'm just blown away by the excellent fit and finish especially for a 1/4th figure, I'm just not used to seeing the attention to detail and effort put into a figure of her scale. I really hope this isn't an exception and they'll actually put more love and attention into future offerings.

Enjoyment is subjective so for the purposes of this review enjoyment is if I believe she was worth the cost of acquiring her. She was worth it and if I had to do it again I would get her without a second thought and in fact get two... However since there's supposed to be a second variation in the future I guess I'll get her instead to join her sister. Abe and FREEing definitely met my expectations and exceeded it.

See you later.

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sailormatlac4 anno/i fa#13798882Late comment, but fantastic review as always... you convinced me to put her on the wishlist... who knows!

Glad I could help.
4 anno/i fa
Late comment, but fantastic review as always... you convinced me to put her on the wishlist... who knows!
4 anno/i fa
tomoko6 anno/i fa#1905183Absolutely perfect review! You included so many details and aspects on her that even I wouldn't have noticed, good job ★~(◕‿◕✿)

She doesn't deserve any less. 8Þ
6 anno/i fa
Absolutely perfect review! You included so many details and aspects on her that even I wouldn't have noticed, good job ★~(◕‿◕✿)
6 anno/i fa
StarshipPooper7 anno/i fa#1702110Regards to the size of her breasts. Look at the illustrations the figures were based on. In respect to the illustration each figure is "accurate" so you have to look at it that way.

Fair enough. I think she would be better if they'd have ditched the cast-off option and kept her appearance just like the illustration, though. However, that is of course completely a matter of personal preference and I can completely understand why FREEing included the cast-off option.
7 anno/i fa
victorviper7 anno/i fa#1702101You could also view the 10/10 figure as a Platonic Ideal, an abstraction that cannot manifest in the physical world.
Kidding aside, the details on this Sonico appear to be spectacular, especially that garterbelt. I just recently took the plunge into the 1/4 realm, and I've been very impressed with FREEing's 1/4 offerings, so they would seem to be a manufacturer on the rise. That said, is it my imagination or does Sonico's chest keep getting bigger with every new release? If you compare her to, say, ITEM #5095 it sure looks that way. On this figure, my main complaint is that her chest is almost too big. She's not yet in Cattleya territory, but it's getting there.

Regards to the size of her breasts. Look at the illustrations the figures were based on. In respect to the illustration each figure is "accurate" so you have to look at it that way.
7 anno/i fa
StarshipPooper7 anno/i fa#1701782As for a 10, think of it as the speed of light. You can get close but you won't achieve it.

You could also view the 10/10 figure as a Platonic Ideal, an abstraction that cannot manifest in the physical world.

Kidding aside, the details on this Sonico appear to be spectacular, especially that garterbelt. I just recently took the plunge into the 1/4 realm, and I've been very impressed with FREEing's 1/4 offerings, so they would seem to be a manufacturer on the rise. That said, is it my imagination or does Sonico's chest keep getting bigger with every new release? If you compare her to, say, ITEM #5095 it sure looks that way. On this figure, my main complaint is that her chest is almost too big. She's not yet in Cattleya territory, but it's getting there.
7 anno/i fa
Metrogenic7 anno/i fa#1701353Nice size figure, I assumed she'd be to scale while kneeling. Overall, great quality, not my favorite Sonico ever, but a good effort by FREEing.
Just a thought -- I know you tend to rate your figures on a 1-9 scale (because nothing is perfect in your book), but once you start hitting that 9.9, you should either reconsider your rating scale or just cave and rate a 10. In my book, she'd be a solid 7 or 8/10, which is great, but that's still problematic once manufacturers continue to produce at a higher quality. Just my thoughts, though, and a great review as usual!

She got a high score based on their previous 1/4 figures. Vast improvement in both quality and details.

As for a 10, think of it as the speed of light. You can get close but you won't achieve it.
7 anno/i fa
Nice size figure, I assumed she'd be to scale while kneeling. Overall, great quality, not my favorite Sonico ever, but a good effort by FREEing.

Just a thought -- I know you tend to rate your figures on a 1-9 scale (because nothing is perfect in your book), but once you start hitting that 9.9, you should either reconsider your rating scale or just cave and rate a 10. In my book, she'd be a solid 7 or 8/10, which is great, but that's still problematic once manufacturers continue to produce at a higher quality. Just my thoughts, though, and a great review as usual!
7 anno/i fa
Awesome review
7 anno/i fa