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Saber Lion is an adorable rendition of Saber from the Fate Series for the Fate/Tiger Colosseum video game. While this Nendoroid has been around for a while I just recently picked up the rerelease.


The rerelease isn't anything like let's say Miku 2.0 where the nendoroid of the classic Miku got an overhaul. Instead it's the original Saber Lion Nendoroid, Number 50, but they reproduced it with the updated stand.


Overall the Saber Lion nendoroid doesn't come with a lot of accessories. But what she lacks in accessories she makes up for with her cute facial expressions and overall exterior.

To see my full review, check out my video review below.

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one of my favorite nendos! ^_^ Nice review..
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This is probably my favourite nendo >.< I think Saber Lion is the perfect character to be a nendoroid :) good review!
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Nice review. Very accurate and detailed.
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