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Hello fellow figure collectors!! Today I received one of the best figures I have ever seen, and that is Insane Black Rock Shooter by GSC. Let me give you a quick overview before the video and pictures that I took.

Overall I think that Insane BRS is a beyond fantastic figure, the box it came in was absolutely huge and everything about this figure is well, insane! Before I go into details I do want to mention that I ran into some problems while putting this figure together. The main problem was the hair that basically split into 2 pieces (picture down below) needless to say I was very pissed since I actually was not touching the hair when it split (it came that way out of the box). Nothing that a tiny bit of glue did not fix, still very frustrating though. When putting Insane Black Rock Shooter together please be very careful as her pegs seem to be very brittle and you can easily damage her.

Her sculpt by my standards at least is a 10/10 she is beautiful and so is every sculpting detail from her base to her armor and all the other little details around her. As far as paint is concerned this is another 10/10 on my figure at least there are no botches and besides that the tones are fantastic. Attention should be payed to the great paint job on her armor which shows a subtle rusty/damaged type of look as well as how well her base paint compliments her pose. Which leads me to my next point, her pose. Now as far as the pose is concerned it is great BUT she is basically looking down, which means if you do not display her on your top shelf then you are just going to see the top of her head and I think that makes her lose a bit of her magic (I have a pet peeve against figures looking down).

Overall I think that Insane Black Rock Shooter is a fantastic figure that was well worth the price, she is big and takes up space which makes her stand out even more among the other figures in any collection. GSC really did a fantastic job once again!

Here is the video and pictures, hope you like em!


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srsng6 anno/i fa#1744950So she is as big as Godoka huh?
as you can see on the pic
6 anno/i fa
So she is as big as Godoka huh?
6 anno/i fa
Keripo6 anno/i fa#1744386If you rotate her sideways, so you think she'll fit in a Detolf with ITEM #25218 on the same shelf, or will they need to be staggered?

PICTURE #821083 I did it o.o
6 anno/i fa
Awesome review. Waiting for mine even more!
6 anno/i fa
Damn as big as a whole detolf. If this one doesn't suffer the same fate as Madokami I'll be really surprised.

Looks like money well spent though :D
6 anno/i fa
Keripo 「ケリポ」
If you rotate her sideways, so you think she'll fit in a Detolf with ITEM #25218 on the same shelf, or will they need to be staggered?




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freaking mail man eluded me, have to go pick her up at po 2morrow...
6 anno/i fa
Yay she can fit into a detolf!!
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It looks BADASS! Well worth the delays, no? I unfortunately don't have the money for her but possibly will get her in the future somehow - it looks fantastic. Great review & video :D
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