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This is pretty much a random post of randomness...but I seem to be having this problem a lot lately.

For instance, it'll be a perfectly normal day, and then I'll notice how tiny and cute my Nendoroid Petits are (ITEM #143952 and ITEM #54834)

And I'll just be staring at them, contented.


And then something will just rush over me.... and I'll kind of snap and I'll be like...


And then I'll go online looking at all the petits I can find, placing them in various shopping carts and whatnot. Mind you, I never end up actually buying them...but I think it helps the craziness go away.

More recently, I've been having the same thing but with male characters whom I find aesthetically-pleasing.


And I'll go around decided who is attractive and I'll look for their figures...although, I never buy them. (Well, sometimes I do).

I just get swept up in this craze of, "I WANT! I WANT!"

That's pretty common, right? ^^ To go on crazed, pretend figure buying sprees? Yeah?
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neptunecadet6 anno/i fa#1857215My most recent urge has been Ranka Lee. The other day, I was kind of like, "Aaah! I want every Ranka Lee thing. Ever." But that faded and now I only want...like, half the Ranka things.

I´ve been feeling that way for Sheryl for months now...Sooner or later I know I´ll end up buying ITEM #26555. I wish GSC made a new Ranka figure. I don´t like any of the others that much. Your profile pic of Miki is really cute by the way :)
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You know the more I see this the more I think about something I saw lately, it's funny since this Reminds me of Renfield from Dracula Dead and Loving it....We all Start out Normal at times then we get to How Renfield is at the end of the clip....I just can't stop thinking about this scene after reading this.

We all go a bit insane over figures for sure at times-This is Mel Brooks humor here-

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I know the feelz. Except instead of doing this every so often, it's like everyday to me. Sometimes I'll just look at photo after photo of a figure I want until I get its image burned into my brain and I don't really want it anymore. I just wish I had the money to afford all the figures I crave. (P.S. nice illustrations :P).
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Leosach Born this way
Happens a lot more than you think, ok not the part about getting your cart full and then just drop (although I ve been there also) but the part of desiring or building an army of certain line of figures or characters I own a few shrines myself so I understand how you feel lmao
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katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
neptunecadet6 anno/i fa#1857444Oooh! I know that feeling! That's how I am with Ranka Lee right now...only not with just scaled figures.

Haha, sounds like you have it a bit tougher than I do then! =P Pretty sure if not for the fact that Christmas was right around the corner, I would have bought a few more figures by now...
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THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE. I wind up spending hours and hours looking at all the pictures of the figures and I actually take out my ruler and imagine them in my hands or on the shelf. Pretty depressing, actually. ;A;
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Keripo 「ケリポ」
MarshallDTeach6 anno/i fa#1857697That is the root of OCD tendencies.
"if 1 is good, 500 IS BETTER!!!"

Been there, done that ; )

On a Nendoroid-related note, ITEM #166891 alone resulted in me buying the entire line of TYPE-MOON Nendoroids. At first it was just a wishlist of that. Then ITEM #166619 and ITEM #166487 got added. And when it came to ITEM #166890, I said fk it, and ordered all the release TYPE-MOON Nendoroids via Mandarake/AmiAmi. It was like 20k yen, all to complement a single Nendoroid that hasn't even come out yet... orz

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That is the root of OCD tendencies.

"if 1 is good, 500 IS BETTER!!!"
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I know that feel. I do that with my wished list instead. I would find it frustrating to put something in my cart and not buying it lol So instead I check it as a "may get" on my wish list.
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neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
AnimeChibi1016 anno/i fa#1857535I do the same thing you do. I get this cray feeling that I must own ALL the figures to this collection then I add them all to cart but never buy them or buy one to two at a time. But one character I NEVER question getting is Lancer, anything I see of him I get it, no questions asked..just BUY IT NOW. But later on I return to the cart with tons of figures in it and I just say "What the hell..was I thinking?!" Figure collecting is just amazing not including the money spent and our poor wallets.

*nods understandingly* I go and fill up my shopping carts all the time on online websites--just for fun and just to find what I'm looking for...and then I don't buy them. All the time. It helps, I think.
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