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I pre-ordered an Eren Figma at Amiami.com but my problem is I'm not from Japan. I just realize after I have placed my order that they only sell the Figma in Japan only and I'm from the Philippines.

So, I'm wondering what will happen? Will they still sell the figma to me? Or will it automatically get cancelled? Or will they force me to look for someone who lives in Japan and send there?

Sadly, I've also tried them directly but I can't really understand what they have said. @_@
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me too, that was the first thing I noticed when trying to buy via ami2.. but later I know that information is not always true.
I think someone need to tell amiami about that, I'm 90% sure anyone who new with this hobby and have to deal with ami2 probably confused they should purchase via ami2 or not..
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I have to wonder at times if people make this blogs on purpose; but, I blame mostly amiami for leaving such an ambiguous information in their product pages.


They sell the figures in Japan ONLY. AmiAmi is a store located in Japan. You're are buying from a Japanese store in Japan, paying in Japanese currency, that happens to ship to other countries. The sell, the transaction, and even the shipping is made from Japan.

My best guess is that they are just trying to state "Hey, this is an authentic product from Japan, and not a Chinese bootleg", or something in those lines. Common sense tells us that, if the Order button is active, it is because we can buy it; as opposed to when they just don't list products in the English site and they do in the Japanese site (which exists to order within Japan only).

It is not the same as saying "This product cannot be shipped overseas" which is what most people interpret out of the "For sell in Japan only" message.

Anyway, I don't try to be rude, but just clear things up, and hopefully to spread the word.
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I think the 'For sale in japan only' refers to the figure only being released there. But you can still buy it and have it shipped over.

E.g Kotobukiya have a US store, so some of their figures aren't noted as 'for sale in Japan only'. Because the supplier is selling it directly else where.
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It will reach you :)
Most of the "For Sale in Japan only" isnt true :3
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Yeah, loads of their figures state that but I've never had an issue ordering them from abroad.
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MooshiPirpy146 anno/i fa#1922362They will sell it to you, dont worry. A lot of their figures say that
(Unless they somehow can not sell specifically to the Philippines, which I am unsure about)

Omg <3 thank you for the infomation! <3
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MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
They will sell it to you, dont worry. A lot of their figures say that
(Unless they somehow can not sell specifically to the Philippines, which I am unsure about)
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