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Hello everyone!
Once again I'm back with my second review. This time around I'll be reviewing a personal favourite of mine from the One Piece series. The figure in question is the Banpresto Ichiban Kuji piece "Monkey D. Luffy" from the "Marine Ford Final Battle" arc. This is the appearance Luffy had during the events of the Shirohige (Whitebeard) war/assault on Marine Ford.

(Specifically the scene shown here in the anime):

(And here in the Manga):

To me this figure is a great piece, from the faithful manga design, to the wonderful colouring and sculpt. Everything about the figure is great to me, but of course no figure is without it's flaws, and I find this figure in particular to have only a couple real flaws, not flaws that detract from the figure for me personally, but flaws that one would find annoying, really just nitpicking at the end of the day. I'll cover what I deem to be it's negative points while explaining why I chose those in the first place, along with pictures and manga/anime references to be included.

A little excerpt on Kuji as cited from One Piece Wiki- (here):

"Ichiban Kuji is a lottery handled every months by Banpresto. Each session features a specific set of Shonen Jump titles with exclusive lots, sometimes along other more common products. To participate to the lottery and maybe win items, you must buy ¥500 tickets in Japanese convenience stores (also called combini) or toy stores like Jump stores. Premium sessions may call for ¥800 to ¥1,000 priced tickets instead. Generally, one store gets a pool of lots, containing a total of 100 lots with their accompanying ¥500 tickets. Some stores actually even allow people to pre-order a whole pool for the regular wholesale price of ¥50,000. The quantity of each prize is fixed by Banpresto for one pool.

Items can generally be bought directly in combini and specialized shops after a short while. Ichiban Kuji literally means The n°1 Lottery, or more explicitly The Best Lottery."

Basically the Ichiban Kuji prizes can only be won in special lotteries hosted in areas like arcades and convenience stores etc. This element of obtaining the figure, kicks the price up from that of normal figures of this type and size, and also makes them rarer than your average figure. On average Kuji figures tend to be more expensive than most figures due to the effort spent both in obtaining them in the source country (Japan), and getting them through a proxy or online shop. However, I've taken a liking to the Ichiban Kuji title as a whole due to the excellent pieces that are produced for this line, many being exclusives for a particular series. Although I am fond of the line, it can get very expensive very quickly to collect from it. So for me it really does boil down to picking the most appealing ones to me. When I first heard of this figure over at Arlong Park Forums, I couldn't understand what all the hubbub was about, it was not until I purchased one off of a friend there that I realized how amazing the piece was. In fact he was so good, I had to get another...

Let's begin.
The Box
The box is simple enough in design. It has a nice windowed front that gives you a good view of the figure inside it's packaging. The sides have small window slots that allow you to see each corresponding side of the figure. The inside packaging is two plastic halves hollowed out to hold the figure, with plastic wrapping on the figure itself within the package. The box design is compact and nice, featuring generic map art with "Marine Ford" labelled on the sides and top, and "Marine ford Final Battle" on the back. Lettering on the front indicates that this is Prize C from it's designated lottery. As far as boxes go it gets its job done by providing safe housing for the figure while also allowing the figure to be viewed in a compact manner without releasing it from it's box. The box is a nice small compact size that is easy to pack away/store which is a plus (as we know figure companies love to oversize the boxes -.-)

Box Front

Box Top

Box Left Side

Box Back

Box Right Side

(The bottom is literally just blank so I didn't feel the need to photograph it).

The Base - (7/10), ~ Pose - (7/10) & Issues

Moving along into the figure itself I find that it's best to compare the figure to the manga/anime screens in order to show how accurate it is to the source material. The figure remains true to the scene and brings it to life. However, I've read complaints about a couple flaws with the figure mainly in regards to his pose. "His pose is reminiscent of a person 'on the toilet'" so to speak. Obviously these people are not a fan of the crouching design. If I had seen this figure out of context and not known that Luffy was readying himself to charge into a war, then I could not appreciate the impact of the pose in question. However, since I know what this pose is a prelude to- by all means I can appreciate the design. Although I am still bothered by the fact that the figure is of course a fixed pose figure inhibited by his base. I think the clincher for me personally would have been a removable base... but I still admire the figure all the same.

My own person qualm with the figure is the fact that he is permanently attached to his base. I don't mind the wooden plank theme, (it even ties in directing with the scene of Luffy aboard Whitebeard's ship) however, the figure is permanently attached to the base, so instead of being able to move him about freely, space must also be made for his base, which is Okay since the figure is relatively small. If it had been on a larger scale though, I might have had an issue with spacing etc in regards to placement of the base. Still these concerns are just me nitpicking, the figure is really exceptional otherwise.

A fellow collector of mine named Blacksm1th, actually went through the process of removing the figure from the base. In my opinion it looks just as good without the base, but of course you be the judge:

Blacksm1th (no peg)

Mine (base)

Sculpt - 10/10, ~ Paint - 10/10

As I mentioned above the sculpt is phenomenal, minute details are included that you wouldn't normally think would be included on a mass produced prize item. But that's why I love the Ichiban Kuji line, it's always a stickler for great detail and accurate sculpts although this figure although is small in stature it's large in its shining merits. This figure LOOKS like Luffy. What I mean is it isn't just a likeness, it actually LOOKS like I have Luffy crouching on my desk- ripped right out of the manga pages! His face is spot on, and his limbs and body are all in proportion. I really like his face though, the eyes are well rounded with his scar appropriately under is left eye. His mouth is fashioned exactly how it is in the manga. And his hair! Oh my, his hair is done wonderfully... the spikes are spaced out shaggy yet evenly and the small strand of hair in his bangs is even apparent on his forehead.

His iconic straw hat is wonderfully detailed. I was curious to see the detail included, so I moved the hat back a bit from his head and was surprised to even see the straw interlace design extend to the inside. It was a nice detail to see considering the hat is fixed in place and won't really ever be seen. It still adds depth and dimensions to the figure, as under direct light it looks as though the hat has a space inside for his head. The hat is connected via a straw rope tied around his neck. The arms of the figure are also done wonderfully there is amazing sculpting in even his muscles toes and fingers. For his his biceps and triceps you can feel the contours and rigidness of the muscles and the tension in them exuding from the posture. His hands and fingers are done wonderfully as well with accurate sculpting included for his knuckles and fingers, the hands look REAL. His shorts include the fluff near the bottom of the hem and his fingers rest atop it appropriately they also give the illusion of seemingly sinking into the fabric. His shirt and shorts also have realistic ruffles, and ridges reminiscent of clothes bending and stretching against the body in tension. His calf muscles are slightly apparent from the under hem of his shorts. Leading to his accurately sculpted sandals and feet, the feet of course look great- the toes are all accurately proportioned placed well within the sandals.



The paint job is also immaculate on this figure. What I really like is the nice coloring they used on his clothing. The colors aren't too vibrant but at the same time they are not too dull. They are a subtle mix of both, with the colours reflecting appropriately in direct/ indirect light. His buttons on his shirt are appropriately painted gold (as seen faithful to the anime screen). His mouth also has his tongue painted an appropriate pink. But what I love most about the paint is the accurate shading included with the figure, there is shading present on his shorts (in the crotch), his shirt (in the torso areas), on his forehead, on his chest and underneath his chin. This subtle shade job helps to add depth to the figure, and a realistic shading effect is created from the ruffles in his clothing.



Overall I'm overjoyed that I was able to obtain this figure. I can bashfully say without a doubt that this is one of the most accurate figure depictions of Luffy to date. The sculpt, paint and colouring are all top notch and are truly faithful to the manga/anime- I would recommend it to anyone even remotely interested Luffy or One Piece in general. I liked it so much I got two...


I was able to obtain one through a proxy friend and the other off of Mandarake.

- Amazing Sculpt
- Excellent Detail
- Amazing Paintjob

- The base renders the figure a tad immobile, but this isn't too much of a problem.
- Pose might turn a few off

He really is fun to shoot with though, the pose can be used for comic relief at times:


And although my Whitebeard P.O.P. is still boxed up, I felt it only right to attempt a shot which encompassed him and Luffy:


I also had fun taking him outside for a couple shots, this was risky though since I live on the 16th floor of an apartment building, safe to say I only got in a few shots before I hastily took him down, but one shot of him really did him justice:


And there you have my Ichiban Kuji Marine Ford Luffy review!
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Raithos Stagnant
tetsumakiAwesome, very nice review. That Naruto..gotta take him down haha. THAT LAST PICTURE, weren't you scared DD:

Yeah he's trying to steal women!
UM YES! There was a slight breeze and he was half on the ledge and half off of it. I had my hand like right there to catch him, but yeah my adrenaline was definitely pumping for that shot
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Awesome, very nice review. That Naruto..gotta take him down haha. THAT LAST PICTURE, weren't you scared DD:
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Raithos Stagnant
ShiroSoraNice review. And, love the shots. ^^

Thank you XD
It was one of my earliest reviews so it means a lot :D
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Nice review. And, love the shots. ^^
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AWESOME review! So many details were mentioned in an interesting manner, the pictures used were amazing, your opinion was honest and sincere, and you actually did research! Honest to God research!

I could go on and on about how fantastic your review is, but we have more figures to collect. XD But in all seriously, nice job. I want to see more of your reviews! :-)
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nice review =D
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